Auto Dialer

Auto Dialer

Traditionally, to broadcast a message to large number of customers, one needed to dial a bulk of numbers repeatedly. Move on from the age of huge manpower needs to the smarter and automated dialing. Just record the message, feed in the contact numbers of the leads and all is done. Auto Dialer will now do all the needed work for you.

Call all the customers in one go at the exact time scheduled by you. So, if there is a fund raiser or a party, don’t sweat over the individual invitations, just make use of the auto dialer. It can record the call recipient’s response as well.


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A Multi Purpose Dialer

Data Export

Data plays critical role in controlling business operations, specifically marketing campaigns. Our customer support solution is always ready with the finest details and data of the calls made. Along with call recordings, it offers the information, such as- number of calls answered, received by answering machine etc. to keep you updated with campaign performance.

Answering Machine Detection

To extract the best results from any auto dialer, you must check the number of calls that actually reached the intended recipient. Our auto dialer has been programmed to distinguish between the human response and answering machine. So, it plays the message when answered by human and lists the rest for you.


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