Auto Dialer Vs Predictive Dialer: What’s the Difference?

“If your customer base is predictable then it is also manageable”. This statement signifies that your customers have the certain orientation and behavioral patterns. If you can tap into the very essential nature of your customer in this regard then most of the workforce can be deployed in a much better way.

In the initial years of the call centers, auto dialers came into existence. They automatically dialed the contact numbers of the customers using a predefined list of contacts. Gradually, with the advancement of technology a better dialer came into existence with more sophisticated features to deliver better connectivity efficiency. That is known as the predictive dialer.

The benefits that predictive dialers carry are very much meaningful to the contemporary call center needs. Predictive Dialers make calls after zeroing in the right customer and correspondingly, at the most favorable time. For this, they use a very complex algorithm. They immediately make contact between the customer and the available agents.

Let’s look at the differences between auto dialer and predictive dialer.

Features Auto Dialer Predictive Dialer
Device type Hardware Software
Automatic Dialing Yes Yes
Recording of Messages Yes Yes
Call Waiting Yes No
Routing of calls Yes Yes
Data Mining No Yes
Time Management No Yes
Agents Availability Check No Yes
Algorithm Based Dialing No Yes
Customization (based on Time & Demography) No Yes
Wasted Calls Yes No
Lead Management No Yes
Down Time Yes No
Frequency of Call Connection Low Very High
Idle Time Yes No
Average Number of Calls Answered Low Very High
Price High Low
Overall Productivity Low Very High

So in a nutshell, it can be said that if you are running a call center then having a predictive dialer is one of the essential aspects because it enhances the overall productivity many folds. With the help of a predictive dialer, the precious time of the customers as well as the call center are given ample value.Your customers are looking for best service in the least time invested. And predictive dialers stand ahead of auto dialer in this aspect.

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  1. Dustyn says:

    After reading this article I can say predictive dialers stand far ahead to the auto dialers. I wonder what kind of algorithm they use.

  2. Stieler says:

    Hey! Thanks ! I’m thinking of a predictive dialer for my call center. The benefits you have mentioned here are enough to ensure me that I should give it a second thought.


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