6 Best Practices for Starting a Cloud Contact Center

There are many aspects that should be kept into consideration if you are planning for starting a cloud contact center. The foremost one is, understanding the customer’s needs and designing your services accordingly. Once this thought is given priority then the steps taken to plan and execute the process, should be focused towards important things, like time management, latest technology trends and making the best use of the available resources. These practices ensure a better customer satisfaction level.

Best Practices for Starting a Cloud Contact Center

Cloud contact centers have come up as far better than the traditional hard wired contact centers because of the various attribute of the former, like flexibility and scalability. Cloud is such technology that has made its presence felt, widely.

Let’s look at the best practices to adhere to, if you are starting a cloud contact center.

1. Why a Contact Center?

This is all about making a blueprint of the service you want your customers to serve with. It is essential to understand that the well-being of your business prospects depends on your customers. And a thorough analysis is necessary to understand the intensity of communication that is needed for a better customer experience. It gives you a clearer picture of available resources and how they can be utilized.

2. Understand Your Customers

Get a very clear picture of what your customer is in need of and what sort of inclinations and interests, put them in the orbit of your business. The kind of services you are providing should be aligned with the customer’s needs. Once this picture is clear, you get a better understanding of the financial requirements as well.

3. Measure Yourself

Once the needs of your customers are well understood then it becomes essential to measure, if the infrastructure you have is enough for your customer base and its needs.  Here the role of cloud technology finds an important place.

The benefits with a cloud contact center are many. One of them is lesser expenditure on the infrastructure. You just need a good internet connection and a web browser. Agents will be connected to the internet and they can be independent of location.  Cloud-based contact centers make it a lot easier for the beginners as it sheds the burden of the planning of every nitty gritty of the initial establishment.

4. Going by the Latest Technology

If you have hosted your contact center on the cloud then you are already going to the latest technology. Cloud technology is being widely used for storage of data and its retrieval, as per need. Cloud also takes care of the economics as it can be customized according to the need of business and the workload.

A sophisticated technical interface is going to provide you a firm backbone for your contact center. Getting a good software, latest devices and equipment that should be user-friendly, is equally important. To reduce the burden of calls and provide an avenue to customers for self-service, use a good quality IVR.  It should be simple with the easy menu and user-friendly features.

5. Observe and Innovate

Observation is an essential thing to bring in innovation. And such observations perpetually show the way for more innovation. Observe the capabilities of your team and deploy your agents according to their skills and inherent nature.

Some of them may be good with data, others with words. Putting your agents in the right box makes the whole scenario more productive. Contact center software provides a hell lot of data to analyze your customer’s interest and inclination. Data mining is necessary to take constructive steps for your call center.

6. Stay in the Safe Zone

The economics related to the initial establishment of a contact center should be well planned and due consideration should be given to capturing the latest technologies. Once you have understood your customers up to an extent then cloud contact center is the best medium to provide them with the service that will prove its potential very soon, provided it is well thought out.


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  1. Bordoni says:

    Cloud is the most sophisticated thing nowadays. Every ongoing trend has cloud’s presence in it. Thought the insights about cloud in the contact center environment is very useful.

  2. Rouven says:

    Hey nice article vipul! Cloud definitely has the capability to take things further if you really want to give a start to the call centers.

  3. Sam says:

    I was looking for some meaningful information about the call center business. I found my answers here. Thank you Vipul for your valuable insights. You write beautifully.


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