6 Business Apps That Integrate With Your Call Center Software

The cloud-based call center software helps immensely to make things easier for the agents as well as for the customers. The usage of data has been an integral part of cloud technology but apart from this, the intelligence that the call center software carry is of great importance as they are making the contemporary call center environment very customer centric.

Call center software is an immensely helpful tool that has options of integrating various apps that make it more equipped for the contemporary customer service environment.

business app integration with call center

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Now the very first question that comes to the mind is, why do we even need such an integration. The answer lies ahead when we understand these various tools that help to get better results amid the challenges of today’s customer service environment.

CRM: Salesforce

The customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the essential parts of managing your business leads and customers and with the help of various attributes, the CRM has come out to be the biggest help for the agents while dealing with the customers.

Since Salesforce works based on the internet so it can be accessed from anywhere as it integrates easily with the call center software and the efficiency of the software is immense to deal with the current volume of customers reaching out for the customer service.

The automation of the Salesforce makes it much easier for the customers and it becomes a lot helpful for the agents to close the call on a positive note as it is backed up by information and best practices of customer relationship management.

Marketing: Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the widely used marketing tools that helps to create the best possible resource for the sake of making every sales activity fruitful. Once integrated with the call center software, Hubspot gives best statistics to understand the customer journey. Various attributes of the software help to optimize the online marketing by interacting with a promising lead in a meaningful way.

The reports that are laden with a lot of data that help track and monitor the whole marketing activity.

Accounting: QuickBooks

The presence of QuickBooks has made the accounting a lot simpler. QuickBooks takes care of the financial of a company. Whatever transaction has been done in the previous years is always visible for the agents while speaking with the customers. QuickBooks is always connected with the bank account and other apps such as Paypal and this helps to make a transaction across continents without any difficulty.

The call center software integrates easily with the QuickBooks and all the financial activities done by the customers can be retrieved any time as per the need.

Customer Service: Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the best software when it comes to customer service and it gels up with the call center software very well. With both the software working together, a seamless experience for the customers becomes more likely.

The customer agent conversation has several meaningful spots if tapped well make the real sense out of it towards a productive result.

Now customers make an access to the service provider via various means chat, e-mail or phone call and Zendesk is compatible with all the mediums. With a tool like Zendesk handy, the agents become powerfully productive.

Other Apps

MS Office

MS office is a tool that is widely used in every organization. And its user-friendliness is one of the unavoidable factors that makes it more preferred over any other office software. The call center software integrates with the MS office and makes it more equipped for the agents.

Agents can easily open an MS Excel file through the call center software that has a document related to the customers and further guide the customers towards a solution. MS office integration also helps in the way customer data can be optimized.

Google Apps

Google is providing with the best software that are used by the customers in the contemporary times. Various apps being provided by Google are so user-friendly that they make agents more capable in terms of information and application.

Google apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides are easily integrated with the call center software with various results oriented options.

Integration Is Consolidation

Any integration with the call center software enhances the capabilities of it many folds. The call center software is a tool that helps the agents to have a productive conversation with the customers. And by integration of above-mentioned software, the task becomes much easier and more focused towards the result.

The software mentioned above are just a few of the many other software that can be easily integrated with the call center software and reap the best benefits out of the available resource, it is human or technology.

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