Call Center Dialer Software: What to Choose?

The virtual format of customer service system has taken the current call center scenario to a totally different level. The best of the ideas are the ones that are easily executable and make productive sense with the ongoing demands. Because if the customer services are not in tandem with the demands then the ideas of productivity and efficiency just go haywire.

Now, if we consider about the outbound call center solutions then the call center dialer has got a very important role to play. The outbound reach being made to the customers totally depends on the type and capabilities, the dialer has. In addition to this, Cloud has given strength to the contemporary scenario in terms of using the data, efficiently.

call center dialer

Let’s dig deeper into the call center dialers and understand the respective utilities they carry to make the customer interaction more result oriented.

Types of Dialers

A particular type of dialer goes with a particular type of a customer base so it is one essential part before you go for a dialer and that is to first understand your customer base and the needs related to it. Because one type of a dialer may not fulfill the needs of an another type of customer base.
Mainly there are three types of dialers – manual, auto, and predictive. Picking the right one out of these decides the well-being of your business.

  1. Manual dialer is a traditional dialer where the agents dial the contact numbers of the customers manually one after another. It takes a lot of time to make a customer connection in this way.
  2. Auto dialer is a bit different than the manual dialer as once you feed the dialer with the customer data then the dialer dials all those numbers automatically and connects with the available agent.
  3. Predictive dialer is the most up to date and the most intelligent dialer. It works based on an algorithm which takes care of the demographics, time-zones and behavioral patterns of the customers to make a connection. With such precision, the call connection becomes more possible.

What to look for in a dialer

Well, it totally depends on the scale of your business and who are your customers. A dialer is an outbound solution to make an access to the customers and it is an unavoidable part of a call center environment. And every business depends on the rate of connections made between the customers and the business service provider. So, the efficacy of the dialer is a matter of great importance. But more important is its relevancy.

For example, if you have a customer base with the lesser number of customers then a manual dialer is capable of doing the needful. You just have to have a list of customer contact numbers and the outbound calls are made by an agent one by one. The customer information is noted down by the agents and can be used manually further. Manual dialing is just a traditional way of customer service.

Now, if we look at the capabilities of an auto dialer then we get to know that it is enhanced several folds and the idea to contact the customers become more automated and data based. Auto dialer automatically dials the customer contacts and route the call to the available agent. The connected calls carry the sheer possibility of customer connection. So, this dialer can be chosen for a customer base that exists in higher in numbers and stays in the same country.

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If we talk about predictive dialers then we get to know that it is a lot more intelligent than the previous two dialers. As the specific details of the customers such as location, demographics, time zones are taken care of by the dialer while dialing the customer contact. By an appropriate timing of dialing, it becomes more likely that the customers would take the call. A predictive dialer is much more useful for a customer base that is spread across several countries.

Picking up a right dialer decides the strength of your customer base and how efficiently you bring in the right set of customers in the orbit of your service. So, it is a lot more necessary to pick a dialer wisely because every additional customer to your business depends on its functionality.

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