What Makes a Call Center Relevant for a Global Customer Base

A call center provides a platform for the customer agent communication. The factors that decide the efficiency of the call centers is high and robust to bring utmost customer satisfaction. It has become a need to think globally in terms of providing customer support because depending on the business, customers are spread across the globe. The responsibility of the service provider is to reach out the customers efficiently.

The best way nowadays is to go for cloud-based solutions and with the help of it, make the most of the available resources, be it technology or manpower. Cloud makes a common platform for both to work in synchronization for the higher success of the customers as well as the service provider.


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Virtual call centers have answered many of such contemporary questions that are needed to be answered efficiently because customers don’t have much time. And the efficiency of a call center is directly related to utilizing this time.

The global reach of the virtual call centers are high and so is the reliance of service providers in it. But there are few factors that are needed to be considered for going global with your call centers.

A Cloud Vendor that has Multiple Data Centers

Some cloud vendors serve the customers with just one data center. Then the problem of latency comes into play because of distance that creates time lag in the customer-agent conversation. To avoid the considerable lags in conversation, it is necessary to go for a cloud vendor that has several data centers around the world.

This helps to route the calls efficiently. In this way, the customers located in different and distant places of the world are connected to the agents without any delay.

Make a Global Team of Agents and Experts

In cloud hosted call centers the agents can work from anywhere in the world. And this is one of the biggest advantages that the traditional call centers lagged in. So a platform where the agents get connected with various other agents spread across the globe and can speak to each other without any hassle, eventually makes the customer support system very efficient.

If the agents who are located in different locations and are well connected then a customer related issue can be tackled with a cumulative approach. Providing a local phone number to the customers also help as it provides an easy way to access the service provider.

Security & Compliance are Unavoidable

It is necessary to check and be aware of the measures that are being taken by the data centers to keep your data safe. The protocols should comply with the safety of data and anti-virus protection should be updated promptly.

Make sure the data center has a team working on security and compliance to ensure that the data is in safe hands. This team of experts keep the security standards high to avoid any breach. In the customer support environment, customers share a lot of their personal information, such security measures help to make call centers more compliant.

Hover across the Languages that Customers best Understand

Customer service is all about telephony and putting right words to language. Customers are available on different channels and their comfort of using these channels changes person to person. But it has been found in Northridge Group research that around 50% customers use not more than two channels to find a service for their needs.

There are various factors that are needed to be considered in a customer support environment. For example, a skilled agent is of no use if the customer and the agent are not comfortable in the language they are speaking in.

Go Global, Intelligently

The idea of going global is fine only if the approach that is being taken is correct. And the correct scenario comprises of the best technology and preparing a team of well aware agents. Both these aspects are easily dealt on with the cloud-hosted call centers. If your customer base is worldwide then taking your call center over the globe is mandatory for better results.

Cloud hosted call centers are giving the best possible solutions to comply with the needs and urgency of the customers spread across the globe.

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  1. Talkagent says:

    Call center is best solution for the live chat . Customers are available on different channels and their comfort of using these channels changes person to person.


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