Facing Call Center Issues? These Technologies Will Help You Out

Call Centers form a major part of today’s business structure. Almost all organizations need to deal with customers over the phone and thus need a well set up calling center to cater to the requirements of their clients in the best possible manner. However, with the fast advancements in the technologies all around, simply calling the customers or receiving their calls is no longer able to cope up with the industry’s workload. It requires a touch of technology.

Facing Call Center Issues

There are various other technologies that deploy the computers and other IP devices to provide the best possible service for both, the clients as well as the agents. Here are five technologies that will help you fix call center issues and will give a boost to the working of exiting one:

1. Automatic Dialers

While in the past a lot of time of calling agents was spent on looking up numbers and calling them, the recent technological advancements have made this practice obsolete. Automatic dialers, as the name suggests are software that automatically dial up numbers from the database and once connected the call is forwarded to the agent.

This frees up a lot of time of the agents as they no longer have to wait for the call to connect. Wrong numbers, voicemails, etc. are automatically rejected. So, all the effort that agents have to put in is with the talking to a client. Moreover, automatic dialers also handle the inbound call to ensure that the calls are transferred to the correct agent automatically. This again increases the overall efficiency of the call center.

2. CRM (Client Relation Management) Integration

Call centers are all about managing good relations with the clients – be it the existing ones or the potential ones. With CRM applications, agents can respond to clients with a detailed understanding of their value as well as the relationship of the customer for the organization.

The issues and requests of the customers can be documented so as to better service them in the future. This record of their interactions with the enterprise can help when they or other clients with similar issues call the call center.

3. Call Recording Systems

All organizations, which require calling to contact their clients as well as customer service and support companies, whether it be inbound or outbound, need a proper recording system to record all the interaction made between the agent and the client so that they can be replayed in case of any issues.

Call recording can be done on both inbounds as well as outbound calls to fit the company’s needs. Moreover, this feature can further be advanced to record the activities on the device screen of the agents to monitor their activities as well to ensure that there are no discrepancies.

4. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Systems

IVR systems are automated tools designed to handle incoming customer calls. IVR systems employ voice recognition technology to interact with the customers instead of telling them to press the button. A well-designed IVR suite can help an organization to cut down its working cost and automate the handling of 40 to 85 percent of the incoming client inquiries.

This helps in reducing the pressure on the agents as the total number of calls they handle are reduced by a big margin. Moreover, IVR suites improve the service quality because they are available fulltime unlike live agents who work on a fixed and limited schedule. A lot of organizations especially those dealing with sales and collection have now switched over to IVR systems to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

5. Campaign Management Systems

A well-defined and detailed campaign plan is essential especially to outbound call centers, willing to maximize the number of successful and productive calls. An automated campaign management system (CMS) makes sure that the dialer knows whom to call and it produces a list of phone numbers and email contact of potential clients.

The more sophisticated CMS services even record how each customer responded to the campaign and stores the data to be utilized later for a better campaign plan. Every issue is accounted for and every possible solution is noted so that the enterprise’s reach and business increase at the optimum speed.

Wrapping it up

Operations at call centers follow a very intricate working model and depend on various factors for their successful working. While these technologies are quite helpful in improving efficiency, ultimately it’s the quality of agents that determine how successful the enterprise will be in its business transactions.

4 replies
  1. Slobodan Manic says:

    Automatic Dialers are a lifesaver for calling agents. It cuts down on the time that was wasted making empty calls. Now all the calls are made automatically and only live calls are handled by the agents.

  2. Ken Hoetmer says:

    These new technologies are really helping out call centers perform better. Analysis and monitoring can be done a lot easily to makes sure that the best performance is being delivered.

  3. Gustavo Bordoni says:

    Addition of integrated email and video services to call center software is another benefit. Everybody has an email address now and it makes data sharing quite easy. So agents can connect with clients a lot better using email.

  4. Evan Herman says:

    These new technologies are paving the way for more streamlined call center services. They help in reducing waiting time for customers and make life a lot easier for the calling agents.


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