Cloud Security: What Call Centers Need To Know

Cloud has been a great innovation in the current times and it has brought several unprecedented benefits to the business and its ways. But the main concern for the consumers and the service providers has been related to the security since cloud deals with the user’s data. So, developing and maintaining a firm wall of security has been an absolute necessity from the day one of the cloud’s advent.

If we talk about the call center environment, the arrival of cloud brought in drastic changes with powerful results. These powerful results clearly show that more number of people are moving towards the virtual environment of call centers and they are very well assured by its security system and the measures being taken for the same.


Let’s look at the scenario of call center environment taking security into consideration.

The Secure Network Is The First Essential

This is the most basic part to ensure security in the cloud technology. The ideas are mostly significant to keep things secure from any unauthorized breach or unwanted access to the data.

It is necessary to understand that the data centers carry the data and the internet becomes the bridge between the customers and the service provider. These are two nodes – the data center and the end-user. Both the nodes should have an updated version of anti-virus software and firewalls. The boundaries of the service provider and enterprise network infrastructure are the most prone in the sense of security threats and many layers of firewalls make it a lot safer.

The call center software updates itself on its own so the security measures also get updated by them. So this makes the whole thing more secure against any new definition of the virus.

Measures For Solid Authentication

This is all about introducing protocols for the users. Only authenticated users should be given access. This again holds meaningful for both the nodes. A password protected interface become mandatory to ensure that the user is not anyone unauthorized access or with the fake identity.

Call center software has a safe log in methodology for the agents and the call center managers to keep them together on a common platform and make a safe communication with the customers. Another proven approach that helps to ensure security with the particular user is a certificate based authentication with encryption keys that eradicates every possibility of security breach.

Compliance Is A Priority

For a cloud-hosted call center, it becomes necessary to be highly compliant. In this way, all the customer related information is kept safe from any threat of misuse.

Every cloud hosted call center should comply with the regulations of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) regulations. This makes the transaction happening via a call center trustworthy. There is no doubt that cloud is a secure platform in this sense and the ability to keep every customer data safe from involuntary access becomes easier with multiple layers of security.

Useful Practices That Help

It is suggested to have multiple data centers located in diverse locations. To ensure a recovery of data in the times of disaster, creating a backup of data becomes necessary. The power backup is another unavoidable thing for data centers. Most of the data centers have a good power backup that ensures the safety of data from the immediate power loss.

Cloud Is A Safe Game

When the cloud hosted call centers arrived, the very first concern with them was about security but gradually it has not remained any concern. The ways towards data safety have proved to be very effective and this has striked off any possibility of loss for the users. Cloud hosted call centers are providing the best possible contemporary solutions for business communication. And security measures are just sound enough to make them more promising.

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  1. Garwood says:

    Most of the data centers are taking big security measure to make the data safer. but I guess it is always a good practice to use multiple data centers to host your data.

  2. Walton says:

    This was my very first concern when I thought of opting for cloud but gradually my doubts turned into trust when I got to know about the security measures that are taken for the cloud.


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