Why Collaborative Communication Solutions Speak About The Contemporary And The Future

Collaborative Communication Solution

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If you consider a digital workplace of tomorrow, collaborative communication solutions must play an important part of it. Since cloud technology has already come to the fore and making its presence felt in business and workplace business communication too has felt its influence.

And this is one big reason that cloud-based communication tools or rather say ‘virtual’ communication tools have become the part of every business. And if not, they are trying to become one. Be it call centers or predictive dialers, the intelligence of cloud is walking together with the business communication processes.

And this is one reason that the idea of collaborative communication solution tools has come up as a tool to explore new possibilities in business communication.

What exactly is a collaborative communication tool?

When it comes to communication, cloud bears the most promising advantages to connect globally distributed workers across a wide range of communication medium. A medium such as audio, video or text.

And to execute the communication various handheld or desktop devices are used. And with the help of cloud, businesses get a uniform and synchronized platform for communication.

According to Gartner, the percentage usage of the devices will only increase in the future. And in the year 2018, the total number of users may cross the 11.1 billion mark.

This clearly depicts that the scale of global usage of devices are only increasing with the passing years and this reason itself supports why every individual involved in business-related communication will bank on cloud and collaborative solution in future. Let’s understand the collaborative communication solution and its significance.

An Open Platform Approach

With the advent of cloud, virtual call centers came into existence and with this super-refined technology came the remote workers and agents. Cloud-enabled people to work from anywhere in the world. People can get involved in a discussion and take part in a meeting literally from anywhere.

And this is the reason that work in collaboration became the suitable idea for making every aspect of business communication a success.

This is called an open platform approach that supports every participant in the discussion and makes a complete resourceful solution.

Now, to execute this open platform approach, the most necessary aspect is to keep the global workforce and offices in sync with each other. In this way, companies have become able to work in integration with offices despite the international presence.

Collaborative communication solution just ensures of a flawless communication medium without any constraints of time and distance.

The contemporary business challenges are just to keep things in sync, fluid and secure. And collaborative tools are just ensuring that the world should be a global workplace with all the aforesaid attributes.

Intelligence Walks With Collaboration

Intelligence walks with a collaborative solution. Let’s see how. Suppose in an imaginary scenario, a customer contacts the customer support with an expectation to get some immediate help. Now there is a traditional way in which the agent would ask every single detail from the customer and then suggest a solution, accordingly.

Now the customer satisfaction level totally depends on the expectations of the customer as well as the agent skill. But one cannot confirm it whether the customer was happy when the call was cut.

On the other hand, when the customer approaches for the support, the agent, with the collaborative communication tools, can find all the information related to the customer on the integrated CRM and further on, can contact through voice or video medium.

Sharing files and messaging a virtual team is much easier with the related information. The collaborative solution supports software integrations, chatbots and also AI (Artificial Intelligence) these days.

Using such a medium to deal with the customers definitely ensures the customer satisfaction level to a notch higher.

Collaborative Tools and Customer Support

Gone are the days when an agent had to handle the customer query without any help from the experts. Now, the call center software comes with the CRM integration and the agent can contact anybody, located anywhere by a click.

What has changed drastically is a number of customers are ending their conversation with agents on a positive and promising note. Because the agents are now more equipped and efficient with the tools handy. The intrinsic idea of collaborative communication tool is to make the most out of the available resources around, human and technical inclusive.

When the customers find out the expert involvement in the agent response, the effort made by them becomes worthwhile.

What Reports Are Suggesting

According to IHS Markit report 2017, when asked to various businesses, 80% of the respondents have suggested that ‘unified messaging’ is the most critical driver in the adoption of the cloud-based communication and this is what most businesses look for while making a communication infrastructure.

All in all, collaborative communication is the most sought-after tool these days for businesses. After unified messaging, 78% of the respondents have suggested that the ability to various software integration is also joining the business applications and communication tools.

Such integration with other cloud application streamlines the workflows increase the overall efficiency of the organizations. And collaborative communication solution is becoming an aid for the same.

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