How to Decrease On-Hold Time of Customer Calls?

Customers hate being on hold over the phone call. The longer they are made to stay on hold the more irritated they feel. No matters how sweet music you are playing, the chances of losing the customer start to diminish as soon as they are put on hold. This directly affects their later interaction with the call agent. There is nothing much you could do with the traditional telephone lined wires, but with the new cloud-powered softphones, there are a number of ways in which on-hold time can be reduced significantly.

Decrease On-Hold Time of Customer Calls

Here, we discuss the top technologies that you can deploy in your call center to make sure that the customers are not put on hold to provide the best experience for them:

Improved CRM Software Integration

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software manages the customer details for the business. It can list the details of the leads, potential customers, existing customers, previous customers, etc. that a business has. By integrating CRM with the dialer, agents can be availed with these details and they can deliver the support the support instantly to the callers. Improved CRM indicates a richer and faster availability of the customer data to the agent, so that the agent does not have to put the customer on hold repeatedly to check the solution for the customer.

Intelligent IVR

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a medium that helps in processing inbounds call without any need for an agent. There are many requests from a customer, like- activation of some kind of service, the transaction history of the customer account, reward points availability check, etc., that don’t actually involve any personal input from the agents. These requests can be automated by a computer without any problems. This way a customer can just call a number, follow the pre-recorded instructions, feed the input that’s required and get the job done. No agents involved. No hold-ups for the customer even for a business with a limited number of agents. It’s a total win-win situation.

Integrated Chat/Email Tools with the Dialer

A customer can often demand a service or information that is unavailable with the calling agent. The agents then need to contact his manager for the relevant procedures and put the customer on hold. Many customers find this practice highly unpleasant. By using a unified chat/email tool, an agent can quickly notify the manager about the customer needs while still talking to the customer and deliver an immediate resolution.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

Your contact center is able to deliver a number of services to the customers. Ranging from sales to support, there are various departments that will be serving the callers for a better support. For better and faster services, the call distribution plays a significant role. ADC can categorize the calls on the basis of the phone numbers, service required, time of day, place of origin of the call, etc. to understand the requirements of the call. Hence, the call can be directly connected to the desired extension. This coordinated distribution makes the whole process a lot smoother and services are offered to the customer without transferring the much.


As a company, the main motive of any organization should be to make their customers as happy as they can. Therefore, they should try to implement as many new technologies and protocols that they can to provide the best possible experience for their customers. The above technologies can really benefit a company by decreasing the on-hold time for the customer thus increasing their own brand value and business efficiency.

5 replies
  1. Sergey Biryukov says:

    Putting customers on hold is the worst. I wish more companies would follow these policies and reduce the waiting time for their customers.

  2. David Herrera says:

    CRM software is one of the best ways of managing customer interaction and to make sure that the contact center develops campaigns as per the wants of the customer.

  3. Lew Ayotte says:

    These days more people are preferring to use chats and emails to contact the company. With well manageable tools in place, a call center is able to handle the queries of these customers with ease.

  4. Nick Halsey says:

    Great post Arsh! Putting calls on hold is a big customer deterrent. The right technologies and tools can help call centers pave the way for optimized customer experience that is advantageous to both the customer ( it reduces their call time) and the company ( builds reputation and trust with clients).

  5. Justin Shreve says:

    Hold times are an inevitable evil. No matter how many agents a contact center has, there has to be hold times. The best any company can do is to make sure that the hold time is minimal and occurs as infrequently as possible. The above mentioned ways are a great start for any call center that wants to ensure that its customer don’t have to waste their time waiting for the call to resume.


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