Every business strives to be the best in the marketplace. And in order to be the best, businesses should have the technology that helps them to be in the front.

Call Center Hosting (CCH) understands the needs of every small and big business and offers business solutions that help firms to lead the market. One such technology is Hosted Dialer, which helps businesses to connect with every potential customer.

CCH is happy to give away a limited period offer – Free Hosted Dialer for 30 Days, which includes –

  1. No Setup Fee
  2. No Base Charges
  3. Integrate with Any VoIP Service Provider
  4. Free 24×7 Customer Support


To know more or to avail this plan, connect with our representative now: 1-800-346-4974

Benefits of Hosted Dialer

If you are considering adopting hosted dialer, you will get substantial benefits to your call center business.

That include –

  1. Powered with Cloud
  2. Set demographics & time zones
  3. Use customer data efficiently
  4. Accelerate Sales
  5. Reduce Cost
  6. Improve agent efficiency and productivity

Why Choose Call Center Hosting?

Call Center Hosting (CCH) is recognized globally as one of the best cloud call center solution providers. We offer a complete cloud-based call center setup solution for the businesses, our expertise in cloud solutions include Virtual Call Centres, Hosted Predictive Dialer, Voice Broadcasting, Toll-Free Numbers and Cloud PBX.

Here are some of the reasons to choose Call Center Hosting for free dialer hosting:

* 24×7 Instant & Free Support

* Affordable & Customisable Plans

* Easy Integration with Various Business Applications

* Higher Productivity

* Higher Sales & Loyal Customers

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    • Call Center Hosting Editor says:

      Hi Ana,
      Thank you for choosing our services. We hope to come up with such offers in future too and be helpful to your business in any way we can.

  1. Neil says:

    Thank you call center hosting for bringing out such offer on predictive dialer. Would like to know more about the perks this offer holds.


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