How Hosted Dialing Services Can Boost Your Sales?

Phones and sales enjoy a close relationship. Talking to potential as well as existing customers helps a long way in convincing them about the benefits of your services and products. The greater your quantity and quality of communication with the customers, the more will be the benefits for your company. This is why there is a huge demand for the services that enhance the telephony capabilities of organizations. Going with this demand, hosted dialer services are now raking up in the market with the myriad of functionalities and features.

How Hosted Dialing Services Can Boost Your Sales

Here we discuss some of the reasons that highlight why your business needs Hosted Phone Dialer for better sales and more productivity:

1. Saves a Ton of Money

No business can be productive if it cannot magnify the monetary output with respect to the input. In the economically wrangling world of today, companies are looking for cutting costs wherever they can. Hosted Dialer services really come in handy here.

Firstly, by using their services the need for a dedicated hardware structure is eradicated as the service is delivered over the cloud. Moreover, service providers ensure that the calls made are productive. Using auto dialer features, the productivity-harming factors, like- wrong numbers, voicemails, and busy signals are brought down as the call is connected to the agent only when the a person has picked it up. So, the agents do not waste time on dialing the wrong calls and remain more productive.

2. Expands Your Control

Hosted Dialer services are able to quickly and automatically dial outbound calls and connect the customers to available agents. As all the calls are monitored, the call volume and time spent per call can be analyzed to adjust the dialing rates and reduce the waiting time between conversations and holds. The inbound and the outbound call rates can be changed so that the productivity is always optimum.

Moreover, Hosted Dialer services provide improved lead management. They are capable of organizing lead data, sales information, and history of the customer so that the right people can be called at the right time. This enables both calling efficiency as well as legal compliance.

3. Adds the Power of Cloud

Hosted dialing employs the usage of cloud computing. All the services that you will be paying can be availed at any remote location via the internet. Thus, you do not need to have any specific hardware, any IT personnel or thorough knowledge of the inner mechanics, if you are employing cloud services. Everything will be handled by the vendor.

The lack of hardware and dedicated personnel frees an organization to spend their resources and infrastructure on other important things, like- developing their own service quality. Moreover, working on the cloud means instant and remote access. This means you can work from anywhere and at all times without any geographical or time constraints to bind you. Moving office locations become much simpler.

Scalability of your operations is also easy. Almost all the vendors offer multiple plans for all types of organizations- be it big or small. If you feel like your company needs more phones you can switch over to a larger plan instantly. The transition is quick and once again does not involve buying costly infrastructure. Only the monthly rental increases.

4. Gets More Tasks Done Automatically

There are some telephonic assignments that most agents do not enjoy. A hosted dialer will free your employees from all such work and let them use their skills for more productive tasks. Most activities that involve announcements or client data reporting do not require actual humanoid talking. These services can be automated with Hosted Dialer for faster and easier operations.

Organizations often need to share certain messages, such as- seasonal offer announcements, store closing announcements, etc. and it is very important that the targeted audience actually acknowledge them. For certain businesses, even emails cannot help and Voice Calling remains the only solution but getting an agent to call everybody is really tiring and never a time-efficient solution. With automated services, like- call blast, the hosted dialer can deliver announcement calls to all the customers pretty quickly and easily.

Even appointments can be better handled with these services. Using relations management systems, it can be ensured that there are no missed appointments. A pre-configured custom message can be sent to customers to confirm their appointments so that no-show issues go out of the window.

5. Improves Sales Campaigns

Businesses are all about sales. Sales bring in customers and money. The only way for any business to stay productive is by availing a good number of sales. Else the business can go packing to nowhere.

Cold Calling has been the best way to enhance sales for decades now. While most targeted folks tend to reject these salesmen even a single successful sale overcomes numerous non-successful ones. However, for a human to get all those rejections is not only tiring but humiliating. With hosted services, you can rest assured that those rejections will be a minimum.

Firstly, the wrong numbers and the voicemails are not connected with the agents. Thus, they will connect to the human answered calls only. Then, one can track the productive regions and timing, so that the campaigns are more focused and the efforts of agents are more organized. With a good customer database, client relations are enriched. Whenever a call is made, the pre-stored information of the customer is presented to the agent, which lets the agent serve them better. The better the services, the happier will be the customer and the more will business earn.


Hosted Dialers are not only beneficial for call centers, but almost every organization can use for increased efficiency. While it assists call centers the most of, other organizational setups can benefit from it for various connectivity needs. Its ease of use, almost zero hardware requirements, and the wondrous automaticity makes your clients and your employees better connected to help your pockets become really, really healthy.

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  1. Clifton Griffin says:

    Hosted Dialing has now become an industry standard for any call center that wants to maintain efficiency and productivity in today’s competitive market. They help in freeing agents of looking up and dialing numbers, so that their time can be better utilized in dealing with calls directly.

  2. Mel Choyce says:

    Cloud has given huge power to the users. As hosted dialers are run on cloud (backed up by the full power of the internet) they allow for a much more intensive service than in-house dialers.

  3. Lew Ayotte says:

    Nice article Nishant, I would like to compliment the fact that hosted dialers have increased the sense of scalability . This has allowed even emerging businesses to compete with much larger and better funded organizations.

  4. Richard Tape says:

    Hosted Dialers virtually eliminates the need for an agent to sit down with a list of numbers and keep calling everyone who might be interested in a purchase. As it often turns out, most of the these “potential’ customers want nothing to do with the call. They end up humiliating these calling agents for disturbing them. Dialers make sure that the calls are made only to people who might be interested.

  5. Samuel says:

    Dialers save money. Period. They make the whole calling process highly time efficient saving call centers tons of money in the form of salaries that they are paying to their agents by making sure that their working time is only spent on talking to clients( potential or otherwise).


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