Top 10 Hosted VICIdial* Features You Should Know About

In a customer support environment, VICIdial* has turned out to be one of the best contemporary solutions that helps to make the customer agent conversation more productive. The best thing that is attached with VICIdial* is that it is equipped with all the necessary features that are needed to make the customer support scenario more efficient.


Let’s look at some prominent features of VICIdial* that help the contemporary customer support environment effectively.

1. Setting a campaign

VICIdial* is used as an effective marketing tool. Auto dial sets a campaign and dials a set of numbers at the prescribed time. This feature helps to get in touch with more number of customers in an intelligent way.

2. Calling through web-based screen

It is a lot easier to call customers through a database using a computer screen. A bulk of numbers can be called simultaneously from the database and the call history is maintained well for further reference.

3. VICIdial* follows an effective dialing algorithm

VICIdial* has a dialing algorithm and they call the customers predictively. This feature takes care of the demography and time-zones of the customers. With the help of this algorithm, VICIdial* chooses the most appropriate time to call a customer.

4. Broadcasting pre-recorded message

VICIdial* is able to broadcast a prerecorded message to thousands of customers. This helps to get connected with a good number of customers with an intended purpose. VICIdial* is the most useful when it comes to access a large number of customers.

5. Call recording

Call recording feature is a must to analyze the customer calls and interpret the customer’s intention. Call recording feature also gives insights to train the agents in a much better way based on customer feedback and the way they converse with agents. The recording of the call can be stopped or started at will.

6. Mobility

The agent can log in from any device connected to the internet, this brings the usability of VICIdial* to the fullest. So if VICIdial* is installed in your device then customer support is easy to execute. The customer calls can be taken anywhere by the agents if they are connected to the internet. This feature gives VICIdial* an absolute mobility.

7. Dialing alternate numbers

If a customer has multiple contact numbers then if a customer doesn’t answer on one of the numbers, VICIdial* dials the alternate numbers one after another. This makes the possibility of a customer taking the call a lot higher.

8. Keeping IVR and live agents together

An autodial campaign can be set easily in which the call starts with an IVR and is meaningfully directed to a live agent. In this way, a client can help himself to reach a plausible solution or can reach a live agent to get help from.

9. VICIdial* gives more options to the managers

For a manager, there are several options to influence the customer-agent conversations, meaningfully. A manager can listen in on agent conversations and if needed can enter the conversation with his insights and help the customer without causing any delay. Further to this, a manager can change the selected queues of the calls based on priority.

10. Call Center administrator tools

VICIdial* has several tools that help to run the call center to its best potential. The application is totally web based and simple to use. Manager can chat with multiple agents and at the same time and give them instructions accordingly. The agent can also consult another agent over the chat to reach the best possible solution for the customer. Further to this, the web application is available in various languages to help the agents as well as the customers who speak different languages.

VICIdial*: A Complete tool with Great Features

The features of VICIdial* carry all the necessary attributes to get the best results in the call center environment. As we can see in the given features the best results are the ones that bring together the technology and human skills.

In this way, VICIdial* is a cumulative tool and with its useful features, there is no doubt that this tool is going to last in the call center environment for a long time.

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  1. Eston says:

    I have been using VICIdial for quite some time now and I feel that this is one of the best dialers that has every needed feature for a productive customer access.


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