How to Conduct a Successful Call Center Audit?

Call centers are one of the industries that deal directly with customers and thus the need for maintaining high standards of performance and efficiency is high. The demands and inquiries of the customers are constantly changing and the call centers should be equipped to make sure that they can handle these transitions easily.

How to Conduct a Successful Call Center Audit

However, what may sound easy in theory is not always that easy to implement in real-time. The fast paced world of today is constantly updated with new technologies and ideas that more often than not radically change the way agents are supposed to interact with the clients.

Therefore, it is necessary to frequently check on the workings of the call center to ensure that the service provided by the call center is of the highest quality to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and optimum business productivity. The competition too is very high in this field so the call centers need to be always on the edge to make sure they do not fall behind. A proven way of ensuring that your call center is operating at the best possible standards is conducting a call center audit.

What is a Call Center Audit?

A call center audit is a detailed set of assessments and measurements that are designed to highlight the strengths while pointing out the weaknesses of the call center in question. A successful audit can be beneficial in knowing the areas which need to be worked upon so that the call center is always working at the best level. All the key factors that directly or indirectly influence the working are assessed so that even the minutest of issues can be singled out to be worked upon.

Key Fields That Need To Be Assessed

A call center has many factors that influence its workings and most of them are very important. The following list will describe the main fields that need to be assessed when conducting an audit for the call center’s performance:

Inbound and Outbound calls:

The most integral part of a call center is the calls that are made and received by the agents. It is of utmost importance that the key areas for proper auditing of the calls are identified and worked upon. These key areas would include call classification, call cost/benefits analysis, call flow structure, evaluation of agent skills, evaluation of call effectiveness and relationship building between the customer and the agent. Compare the results with the optimum results on the same metrics and find out the areas which need improvements.

Customer Experience Rating:

While the quality of the call is most important there have been many cases where a higher quality call fails to please a customer while one with a lower rating was more successful. This is because customers are human beings, not lab rats that give the same results every time.

Therefore, any auditing measures should ensure that the correct issues are checked: Was the customer’s goals met? Was there a positive emotional connection? Was the call efficient for the customer time wise? Was the relationship between the customer and the agent strengthened? These answers would help you in paving the way for increasing the customer satisfaction towards the call center.

Agent Skills:

Agents are what make or break a call center. A good agent can convince even the most biased of customers towards opting for their services and can get even the angriest of customers to calm down and provide a positive comment. However, at the same time bad agents can make seemingly sealed deals go down in no time.

This is why it is very important to make sure that the agents employed by the call centers are of the best quality. The chief areas of interest that auditing will deal with in regard to agent working include communication prowess, call flow management, call standards compliance, knowledge regarding the product or service, sales skills, customer interaction and learning rate.


Call Centers work in real-time and thus the performance metrics are constantly updating. This is why having a proper estimate of how good your call center actually is, is very important. Proper and regular audits will not only enhance your productivity but also weed out all the negative aspects of the call center that are hindering efficiency on a whole.

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  1. David Herrera says:

    Proper auditing measures are essential for any call center that wants to uphold a premium industry standard. It ensures that all the faults are identified so that they can be worked on. Both underperforming and over performing employees can be made to improve on their shortcomings or rewarded for their excellence as the case may be.

  2. Frank Klein says:

    Managing and developing agents’ skills should be the foremost responsibility of any call center manager. It’s the agent that decide how successful or not, the call center will be. Encourage the growth of empathy, politeness and a keen mind in your agents.

  3. Andrew says:

    Customer Experience ratings are what define how good your call center actually is in the eyes of your clientele. As such it cannot be ignored. Try to find out the areas where customers were left dissatisfied so that these areas can be improved. It’s a continuous process that helps in increasing the reputation of your enterprise.

  4. Mel Choyce says:

    Evaluate calls on a regular basis. They give a statistical idea of how well your calls are doing in the market. As rightly said by Arsh, evaluating with the industry benchmarks can help in finding what needs improvement.


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