Why Predictive Dialers Are Important To Your Call Center

Importance of predictive dialer

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There are various ways a business can be benefited by using the appropriate tools and strategies that bring success on a promising note. Because eventually, it’s about running a business with a steady revenue that makes loyal connections with the customers in the process.

Because call centers make a platform for communication between the agents and the customers, this idea calls for the satisfaction of both the parties. A successful call center always requires the number of new connections with the customers. And for that, they need tools to make connections higher in numbers with steady frequency.

In this context, predictive dialers have proved their potential in every possible way in a call center environment. It’s an unavoidable entity in every call center. Let’s see why –

Why Do You Need A Dialer?

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation, the product or service you are trying to sell is not able to tap a steady customer base. Now, suppose there is a customer named Bob who is looking for a product or service that is exactly the same to your business offerings. But Bob is not even aware about your product or service.

In such a scenario the role of customer data comes into play. Once Bob’s data is fed into the dialer then making an outreach to Bob or other customers like him gets much easier. Why? Because the dialer is going to dial Bob’s number at the right time and it is liable to connect your business with him.

Role of Cloud

A dialer is supported by the customer data and the cloud technology. Cloud is one such technology that has brought many revolutionary changes to the call center environment.

The reason being, it has merged the insights from the customer data with the needs of the contemporary customer support environment, making a complete solution for the contemporary needs.

The idea is simple, in making a connection with the customers, the very basic information needed is – his contact number and if other information such as his demography, time-zone and location is available, it gets much easier to pre-define the needs of an individual customer and also speculate the ways through which, he’ll be treated once a connection is made with him. It’s like, you run an IT company and Bob is looking for an IT solution.

Cloud Hosted Dialers

With the support of cloud technology, the dialer leverages the benefits out of the data by dialing the contact numbers in bulk and connecting with the right customers like Bob who are looking for it.

Since the dialer dials the customer contact numbers automatically, so, the productivity of the call center enhances with a substantial increase in the number of customer connections.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics have major implication on business and customer connections, today. The idea behind it is, just to take the steps that are well speculated and also take care of the customer behavior and their psyche. In this context, predictive analytics has touched the call center environment as well now.

Predictive dialers use intelligent predictive analytics to connect the agents with the customers. They use a complicated algorithm to reap the benefits out of the existing customer data. And this has led to the significant usage of predictive dialers to tap a customer base across continents.

So, if you have a predictive dialer it doesn’t matter where exactly Bob resides. He will get a call anyway.

Predictive Dialers with Result-Oriented Dialing

By taking care of the demographics, time-zones, and location of the customers, it means the predictive dialer picks the most appropriate time to dial the contact numbers of the customers by using the algorithm.

It means if Bob lives in the US and Jack lives in Australia then the dialer will dial their numbers at a different time suitable to their geography. This practice makes it more likely for the customers to take the call.

So, the number of connection increase by many folds with a much better possibility of agents getting the opportunity to speak with the customers.

The role of agent and his awareness come later only once the connection has happened and to give this number of connection a substantial growth, you need to have a cloud-hosted predictive dialer at your call centers.

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  1. Jaison says:

    Well I totally agree with your viewpoint that
    cloud is one such technology that has brought many revolutionary changes
    such as predictive dialers to the call center environment.

  2. Raven says:

    With predictive dialer, it’s easier to do customer follow-ups.
    And it also helps to improve the efficiency of
    the call center agents.


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