Average Handling Time: 5 Ways To Reduce it in Your Call Center

Average handling time is a major factor that decides the productivity and efficiency of a call center. Customers are never going to run out of their questions. And with passing times these questions change the course depending on the interests of the customers. As a call center manager, it becomes necessary to know very well the inclinations of the customers.

Not merely based on speculations but it is essential to base your results on well established statistical results.

The necessary part of customer support includes listening to a problem, understanding it, and then delivering the best possible solution to the customers in the least time invested. For this, the agents have to be well aware about the businesses and further proper training should be given to them time to time, just to make sure, the agent is not losing on the awareness part in comparison to the customers. Because customers are getting aware on a regular basis.

But despite a good preparation, the agent may not have a plausible answer for each query of the customer and for such circumstances, it is necessary to have a support from the expert , the one who knows. Easy access to the experts reduces the average handling time effectively. But the thing here to be considered is to make an infrastructure so that the experts are just one click away from the agents.

Virtual call centers do ensure in this stake of taking a customer query cumulatively and help the customers with a convincing solution. The basis of an effective customer service is, how well you know your customers and how predictable they are in terms of a services being sought by them.

For an agent, it is also necessary to judge the weight of the query and invest time accordingly. A favorable average handling time measure is just about managing your time efficiently.


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