The Basics of Predictive Dialer You Need To Know

Predictive dialers have changed the scenario for the customer support environment. The best of the ideas related to making an effective customer outreach are the ones that connect more number of customers in the lesser time invested.

And when a dialer dials the customer contact number at the right time then the possibility of completing the call gets much higher. And that’s the most favorable attribute that a dialer is sought for.

With this first post of the blog series “Predictive Dialer on Cloud: The Key to Call Center Success”, let’s try to understand how predictive dialers fit in so well in the call center environment, today.

basics of predictive dialer

The idea behind predictive dialers is to make as many connections as possible and because of the same reason predictive dialers have come to the fore with unprecedented results.

What’s a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is an outbound calling system that works on an intelligent algorithm that uses customer data such as phone number and demographic details to connect with the customer.

Traditionally, there are two kinds of dialers – manual and automatic. Manual dialer needs human intervention for dialing the numbers while automatic dialer is fed with the customer data and it dials the numbers, automatically.

Predictive dialer is a step ahead because it considers the demographics and time-zones of every individual customer and then picks up a time to dial the numbers.

For example, a customer located in America and a customer located in Australia receive a call at different times suitable to them. Predictive dialer takes care of every individual customer as well as of your business by zeroing the potential customers.

It also does filter out busy signals, voicemails and dead phone numbers and pass the call to live agents as the customer answers the call.

How Beneficial is a Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer ensures a high number of customer connections. With the help of a higher number of customer connections, the sales acceleration also increases. Also, the other related benefits include, it is supported by the cloud technology and this idea itself makes the predictive dialers immensely secure and highly scalable.


Apart from this, every business looks for a substantial growth and this can only happen with the help of a steady increase in the number of customers. As the number of customers increases with perpetual interactions between customer and agents.

Some of the predictive dialer benefits include –

  1. It enhances agents efficiency and productivity.
  2. It allows using customer data in a meaningful and personalized way.
  3. It eliminates guesswork and accelerates sales.
  4. It eliminates operational costs related to extra human resource and hardware.
  5. It saves time and efforts of agents in comparison to manual dialing.

With the help of more number of tipping points of business communication, the overall productivity and the efficiency of the call center enhances, substantially. Predictive dialing comes with different dialing modes so it can be customized according to the need of business.

What Features Make a Predictive Dialer Must-Have

The predictive dialers are integrated with the CRM and this is an essential feature that makes the customer agent conversation more result-oriented because of the information that is handy. Agents get more opportunities to make customer conversations more personalized.

At the behest of cloud technology that keeps itself updated in real-time avoiding all the threats of security and inconsistencies in data. The ideas related to predictive dialing are even simpler to use and makes it more reliable towards giving businesses a more predictable sense in terms of making new strategies.

The dialer carries on screen caller info that makes it a lot easier for the agents to tackle with the customer queries in a more convincing way. Intelligent routing is another benefit that makes the right agent engaged to the customer in need.

So, the availability of agent is perfectly utilized to keep the overall call center productivity always up. Backed up with cloud, the worth of predictive dialers has only increased with time.

Predictive Dialers: On the Go

The usage of predictive dialers is on the rise in the contemporary times. A business sprawls to various continents and the customer base spreads across the globe. So, only an intelligent outreach can help a business in making a steady customer base.

Predictive dialer is an ‘on the go’ technology because it is hosted on the cloud. They can be used from any hand-held device such as mobile, tablets or softphones.

Getting a predictive dialer in the call center environment is essential because it ensures a high number of connections happening with the customers at every level. And every single connection stands a chance to get a loyal customer for a business.

Coming Up next

In the coming post of this blog series, we will be talking about various other features of predictive dialer and how it improves agent efficiency and productivity.

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