Predictive Dialer Vs Manual Dialer: What To See While Choosing One?

In a call center environment, a dialer is one of the most important tools to access the customers and make a business conversation fruitful for both the parties. So picking a dialer is one of the most necessary aspects of completing the whole set up of the call centers but the point is which one goes in tandem with your business. And how to set your priority?

Well, the answer lies in the fact that scale of your business and the needs of the existing customer base decides, which dialer is preferable for you. The most necessary thing is to scale your own needs and then go for the one that is suitable.


Let’s look at the different aspects what one should look for before choosing the dialer.

Understanding The Two Dialers

Manual dialer as the name suggests, the agent has to dial every number manually and speak with the customers. If the agent has some data of the particular customer then it becomes easier for the agent to close the call on a positive note. However, with manual dialing, the stored data apart from merely contact number is less likely to be fructified with manual dialing.

Traditional customer service has banked on so for on the manual dialer but with the advent of cloud technology, the gradual shift happened towards potential usage of the data. But manual dialers survived because of their easy format and voluntary dialing methods.

On the other hand, predictive dialers use a bulk of data and churn it out for some meaningful deductions. Such dialers use a very complicated algorithm to get the data deduced. Based on the deductions, a group of contact numbers are chosen. The important thing to know here is, these deductions are based on the demographic details and the time zones of the customers and in this way predictive dialers make a customer specific calls.

Based on the deduction, at a suitable time the dialer dials a set of numbers automatically. The automatic dialing chooses an appropriate time for the customers in a particular demography. And thus because of the appropriate timing, the customer is more likely to take the call.

Scale Of Your Business

The scale of your business is one of the most vital factors to decide the efficiency and the particulars of the dialer because the necessity of accessing the customers has the answer.

Precisely, if the business is of small scale then the manual dialer and a bunch of agents can make access to a good number of customers. Startups and new businesses can easily reap the benefits out of it. Because a customer base grows gradually and with the manual dialer the initial leads are well chosen and further do matter a lot. So go for a dialer on the basis of the scale of your business.

On the other hand, with a large customer base comes a big bulk of data and using the data purposefully. Here the statistical deductions come into play. The idea behind predictive dialers lies in the fact that they use the customer data for meaningful deductions. Based on an algorithm and its deductions the predictive dialer does an efficient access to the promising customers. The methodology of predictive dialers make the customer service scenario more manageable

Type Of The Customer Base

As we spoke about the customers and the data related to them. Manual dialing has its own limitations and beyond a certain limit, it is not easy to handle a customer base with manual dialing.

For a global customer base, it is necessary to take care of the demography and the time-zones of the customers. Appropriate times makes it more likely for the customers to take the call.

Now taking care of such customer specific details manually becomes a lot tougher for the agents but in the case of predictive dialers, once the customer data is fed, the dialer takes care of the same on its own. So if you have a business that has a customer base spread across the globe then a predictive dialer is a better and suitable option.

Choose Wisely

Choosing a dialer is definitely a matter of judging your needs. As we have discussed the dialer is a tool to access and communicate with the customers, it is also a tool to tap all the meaningful leads. So choosing it wisely makes a big difference in your business outcomes.

The very first call that arrives to a customer carries a possibility that the customer will become a loyal customer to your services. So making that very first call becomes really important to initiate the sales process. A perfect dialer for your business has tremendous capabilities to ensure that a promising customer is always there in your access.

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  1. Kahili says:

    Predictive dialers ensure a stable customer base for your business and it definitely takes the ideas ahead for a better connection withe the customers.


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