How Predictive Dialers Can Drive Sales Acceleration?

When calculators came into existence, the first and most implausible thing attached to them was the results. Digital results. Users checked it twice by doing the same calculations manually as well. It made the whole process more cumbersome for the initial users. And the newly existence of calculators seemed insignificant. But gradually people started having faith in the newly arrived device as it came out to be flawless and accurate. Some other changes made it more reliable. It happens with new technologies that surface out of nowhere.


Predictive Dialers are making their presence felt in the domain of contact centers but they have yet to see the major uplift as calculators did in the eighties. The awareness about the Predictive Dialers and the kind of utilities they bring with them should not be averted in present times.

What is a Predictive Dialer

Suppose you are standing in a queue. And as you reach the ticket window the ticket agent asks you for some change currency but you have forgotten where exactly you have kept it. You look for it and in the meantime, the ticket agent deals with the next customer while you find your misplaced coins and give it to the agent. What the agent did, he just utilised the time with the customer available with the coinage.

In the same way, Predictive dialers expedite the process of making calls to the potential customers. Potential customers are those who are likely to entertain such calls. Or rather who are predictable to be contacted as strong leads. In this way, it has become a strong mean to accelerate sales.

How It Helps

Basically predictive dialer is a device that works based on some very complex algorithms. It optimizes the agents and prioritizes the customers. With these two the whole operational productivity increases. Before predictive dialers came into existence the agents were wasting a lot of their time on every hour manual dialling and trying to reach out the useless numbers.

Forte: Sales Acceleration

Predictive dialers, zero in the best time to call a potential customer and get him in touch with a free agent. Now when it comes to sales acceleration then the only thing that matters is, the conversation should end on a convincing note with a customer. For this it is necessary to have an organised lead data related to the particular sales activity, Such as customer history, customers contact info and call recording.

After a thorough analysis of this data, the predictive dialer becomes a medium of contact between an agent and the customer, considering the best time for the latter. With the help of effective contact rate the probability of a successful call completion increases. And thus, it saves time for both the parties.

If not analysed, the whole information is just a bulk of data. Predictive dialer helps to reduce the huge data into a meaningful volume. And it automatically determines the best time to call.

Least time or say no time is wasted on unprofitable numbers or engaged signals. It filters out all such numbers including fax lines. Cost wise, one experiences a big reduction in the operational activities.

Understanding a Customer’s Mind-set

Most of the customers find such calls unwelcoming, reasons could be many. Wrong timing, perpetual calling with the same reasons, misunderstood customers or not being able to understand the need of a customer. Overall if the customer is not understood well regarding his timings and behavioural patterns then it becomes hard to close a sales deal. Predictive dialers have means to understand your customers well.

Your Customer is Predictable

And if the customer is predictable then is also manageable. Such predictability gives extra space to explore more avenues for your sales activities. And you should not miss out on the fact that, at every stroke of a minute one customer in a different continent can be contacted, profitably. Predictive Dialers are showing the ways.

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