5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Toll Free Numbers

The services that a business is providing should be clearly visible and accessible. A toll-free number ensures a steady accessibility to the customers for your service. Some of the companies provide 24 hours of support to their customers. Other channels like web, chat, and e-mail are good mediums but talking to a live agent and making him understand the need and getting an immediate feedback, a solution or an assurance adds to a seamless customer service experience.

why your business needs toll free numbers

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Toll-free numbers have seen a gradual progress and despite many other customer service touch-points that are getting obsolete, toll-free numbers have survived and served the customers to their utmost satisfaction. And with the advancement of cloud technology the scenario has become more promising. Let’s look at the benefits of toll-free numbers for your business.

1. Brand Image

Toll-free numbers adds to the credibility of your business. From the moment of inception and perpetual growth of the brand, the services that are availed by the customers entirely depend on the promptness of the service provider to fix a gap in the service whenever it occurs.

Toll-free numbers are one of the best mediums to be reached out by the customers and get a solution. If the customers have showed faith in your brand, it can only be consolidated by meaningful conversation leading to an apt response to the needs of the customers.

2. Customer Retention

Getting new customers is necessary but customer retention is an unavoidable factor while running a business. For the same very reason toll-free numbers are the best way to retain a promising customer base.

Although toll-free numbers are one-way communication channel but the customers start a conversation from anywhere anytime without any cost. For a robust customer service, toll-free numbers are indispensable.

3. Relocate your Business but Not the Number

There can be various reasons one has to relocate the business from one place to another. But despite all the changes, the contact numbers, through which the customers can reach out the service provider don’t vary. You can take your business anywhere but the numbers remain same.

Once you have attained a toll-free number for your business, it will remain stuck with you and will keep consolidating a customer base through the same toll-free number.

4. Affordable Pricing

Toll-free numbers are generally available at affordable price. And for the same reason start-ups and SMBs can easily afford a toll-free number for their business. To run any business, cost and economics behind it play a vital role and should be well thought over.

5. Optimum Customer Experience

The kind of experience customers get while availing the service decides the life cycle of the customer with your brand. Another notable thing is, how the brand responds to the customers for their needs and when something goes wrong with the business service, unintentionally.

The overall idea behind toll-free numbers is to provide the customers with a channel to reach out the service provider without any cost. The customer can speak to the service provider to know about the service and finally when the service is chosen by the customer, it becomes the responsibility of the service provider to keep the communication fruitful for both the parties.

Toll-free for business success

Dell set an example by providing 24-hour toll-free customer support. Other companies have also followed the suit just to ensure a fulfilling customer experience. If you have toll-free number for your business, your customers will never find themselves clueless in the times of interruptions in the service because there is always somebody on the other side of the phone to listen, to help.

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  1. Sergej says:

    A toll free number is just another medium to keep the customer connection more fruitful and it becomes more easy for the customers to reach out a live agent with meaningful queries. So it gets necessary for the customer to be understood completely and be a make the business service more worthwhile, the designing of the service needs many insights from the customers.

  2. Jane says:

    I recently spoke to a service agent while buying a laptop for myself, It turned out to be of great help as the agent was very promising and helped me out well. Toll free numbers are good way to be communicated.

  3. Nick says:

    Hey Nice article Vipul! I am thinking of getting a toll free number for my business and I got meaningful insights for the same. Thank you.

  4. Matthew says:

    I think outsourcing a helpline number for your business is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers, meaningfully.

  5. Altenburg says:

    I am not sure if the toll free numbers are of any worth if the agent sitting on the side is not well aware about your service and its delivery. The customer is satisfied only if the agent becomes a meaningful help in the least time.

  6. Bordoni says:

    The toll free numbers are the best ways to keep the communication with the customer much better. So next time you dial a toll free number, you should know there is much efforts behind its methodologies and benefits. A nicely written article.

  7. Ruud says:

    Hey Nice article! I almost all the posts written by you and definitely get many insights that are necessary for my start up, i am working on. The insights mentioned in your posts do help me to understand my customers and provide them with a better service.

  8. Grimes says:

    Sometimes its good to understand the meaningful ideas that are caters in the customer’s minds. For the same reason it is needful to talk the customers. Your business service is not worthwhile if it is not communicated properly. I like what you have said in this article, toll free numbers are just unavoidable for your business.


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