All That You Need to Know About Remote Call Center Agents

Virtual call centers have given an avenue to work remotely from anywhere and in this way, they have made the scenario a lot easier for the contemporary call center agents. The idea is, if you have necessary skills of an agent then with the help of an internet connection and some communication devices, one can easily execute the customer support from anywhere.


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Two persons sitting in completely different demographies can speak over the phone and feel explained and understood on the same plain of discussion. A remote agent makes the whole customer support process more profitable for the call center business because the total efficiency increases many folds.

Let’s make it clearer in terms of what it take to be an agent in a virtual call center environment.

Picking The Right Ones

It is a matter of great responsibility for the call center manager to pick the right set of people to play the role of remote agents. There are various skills that are critically needed in the agents. The most necessary one is ‘presence’ and ‘negotiation’.

As a call center manager, it becomes essential to zero in people with such needed skills.

Virtual space is about doing things on your own so self-motivated people are the ones who fill the space very well and bring out the results. A remote agent always has information handy because of the cloud-based technology but its productive usage is completely in the hands of the agent working remotely.

Keeping Them Informed

For a call center manager, it is very much necessary to keep the agents informed about the ways of the business and company policies. A formal training does good towards results. The conversations with the customers should not differ from the company’s motto behind the business.

Every customer should be attended well, following a set of rules and concerns that strictly adhere to the company’s protocols. Because a customer gets less likely to be a loyal one if he finds even minute differences in the conversation. It’s equally to being misinformed about the services.

The virtual call centers have options in which the call center manager can listen to the ongoing conversation and suggest the agent to take the conversation into a fruitful direction. So despite this fact that an agent is working remotely, the connection with the call center manager is always maintained to help the agent close the call on a positive note.

An Untangled Agent Is More Productive

Working from home or from any premise that is away from the usual work related pressure makes the agent more productive as for every human being, productivity depends on the environment the person is working in. Lesser the pressure higher the productivity. Several researches consolidate this fact. And when it comes to the call center environment, that is usually known for its work pressure culture, agents who can work remotely has brought a breath of fresh air.

Call center software carries options to connect with the experts or managers to get suggestions about a particular issue that the agent doesn’t find himself at ease with.

So there is no entanglement for a remote agent and that is sufficient enough to say that the ongoing and upcoming format of the call center environment is going to be a lot more productive.

With Cloud, Remote Is Just a Word

Cloud has made it a lot simpler and efficient for the agents to work remotely from anywhere. The agent has all the data handy and needed information can easily be retrieved with the help of a call center software.

So as an agent working remotely has benefits that prepare the contemporary call center environment for the future challenges. And one has powers of cloud with it to get the best results with lesser resources.


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  1. Albany says:

    I guess it is fine to see all those people doing remote agenting who have the necessary negotiation skills but with these skills technical expertise is equally necessary.

  2. Bach says:

    Remote agenting has definitely changed the scenario in an effective manner. I only doubt that the remote agent should be very well versed with the services and the way they are delivered.

  3. Hagan says:

    It is good to see that remote agents are doing well in virtual call centers but isn’t it necessary to give them a one to one training? How do you train them?


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