There have been a plenty of talks and tools for connecting with the business leads or customers. These tools come with different features, some features give immediate results and some take time to deliver.

The idea is always to get more results in lesser time, steady results, ideally. So, all the tools just try harder to increase the number of customer connections and have a fruitful communication with them.

In any business, ‘connection’ is the most important thing that is highly sought after. And in this context, ‘voice broadcasting’ stands out as one such important technique that makes higher number of customer connections in the least efforts. The idea behind voice broadcasting is to connect with higher number of customers with little efforts.

You just have to record a message and the tool will send it through automated calls to any number of customers. But there are certain points that are needed to be taken care of for a successful voice broadcasting campaign. Let’s see what one should consider while creating a voice broadcast campaign for their business.

1.  Setting a Goal

The voice broadcasting campaign needs a specific goal setting in the very initial stage. The reason behind it is to speculate the number of positive responses.

So, pre-plan the number of customers you are targeting to make an outreach with your voice broadcasting campaigns. It helps in tracking your steps and taking decisions at different levels of the campaign.

Setting a goal is just about setting a parameter to make the campaign powerful. Strategies and design of the campaign vary with the scale of business needs. A prior goal setting also helps in achieving success in terms of making a higher number of customer connections by deciding the frequency of calls as per the need of a business.

2.  Defining Target Audience

Once the goal is set for the campaign, the second important thing is to decide the target audience. The target audience is all those people who are expected to have an inclination towards the services and would consider it as a needful business solution. Possible customers, precisely.

By deciding target audience, a personalised message can be designed to tap the customer attention and get the best results out of the online campaign. In case of the voice broadcasting, it is essential for the customers to listen to the message and take prompt actions towards availing a service or an offer.

3.  A Well Crafted Message

A well-crafted message is a vital thing for making a voice broadcasting campaign a total success. So, the message should be precise and clear in its formatting. The language should be easy to understand and the diction and pronunciation of the voice should be clear.

With an appropriate message in every sense, it gets easier for the audience to connect well with the information, easily.

4.  Appropriate Timing for the Campaign

The time for broadcasting the message should be well chosen in terms of getting some attention from the audience. Only appropriate timing of the messages can only create some impact otherwise the results of the campaign can turn totally opposite.

So, early mornings and late nights time should be avoided for broadcasting the messages. This is the worst time when the audience would be the least receptive. If the voice message hits voicemail or an answering machine then also it fulfills its purpose because the customers can listen to it anytime later.

5.  An Actionable Message

The message that you broadcast should be actionable and it should engage the listener with proper orientation. When the message has some instruction then it asks the listeners to take some actions, immediately, like pressing buttons or to choose from the options. This practice encourages the listeners to take action and be a part of the campaign towards making it a success.

The effect of actionable message leads to more number of customer engagements and it increases the possibility of customer connection to a much higher level.

6.  To Give an Option for Opting Out

The audience should always be given an option to opt out, which ensures that the recorded message in not totally involuntary for the listeners. By giving such an option, you prove that you care about their choices and it’s not just about your business.

Also using opt-out option, you get a set of filtered out leads that c­an be managed with more focus.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts on voice broadcasting campaign Vipul.Any business would like to connect with the appropriate customers and at the right time. And voice broadcasting helps in serving both the tasks effectively.

  2. Darwin says:

    Indeed agree with all the benefits of voice broadcasting quoted by you Vipul. It’s a perfect tool for streamlining your audience. And also the feature of curating the messages according to the target audience makes it an effective marketing tool for any business type.


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