5 Must-Have Things To Audit in a Call Center

The efficiency of a call center is a matter of monitoring the metrics and then taking steps accordingly. With the advent of cloud in the call center environment, the role of data has not only become really significant but also result-oriented. Most of the resources, be it technical or human has to be in tandem with each other to produce the best results.

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The call center environment is a common platform for the customers and service providers, where they communicate for the better prospects of the business. But when it comes to auditing the efficiency of the call centers, there are certain aspects that should be taken care of necessarily.

Let’s look at some of the main points that should be considered well while you go for auditing your call center.

1. Number of Calls

The number of calls made be it inbound or outbound is one of the most important aspects to judge how easily the customers are looking for a customer support and in the same manner how many calls are being made by the agents to connect with the customers.

The total number of calls become a reference point to judge the efficiency of the call center and also to know how productively the resources are being used to keep the best possible results secure.

2. Average Handling Time

When a customer tries to reach out for the customer support and the conversation starts with the agent, the role of average handling time comes into play. The total time spent by the agents to respond to the customers depicts two things. First, how much time is being spent with a customer on call. And second, the level of customer engagement.

Customer engagement is a necessary aspect of the customer support process and the ideas behind it is to make the customers more aware about the product or services while they look for a solution. Average handling time should be kept in congruous with the number of calls being arrived in the call center.

3. First Call Resolution

When a customer calls the agent for some support then how aptly the agent provides that customer with a solution decides the level first call resolution at your call center. It means the very first attempt made by the customer for a solution leaves him with the most accurate solution.

The agent’s preparedness and the availability of expert opinions are the most promising prospects of making the first call resolution happen.

The customer should end up with a solution that is meaningful and driven by the expert ideas. For every customer, time is the most valuable aspect and if the call center is efficiently able to make first call resolution happen in a substantial way then the efficiency of the call center is crossing the threshold.

4. Call Drop

This is a negative aspect in the call center environment and it is very much necessary to monitor and check for better customer satisfaction level. The number of customers looking for the help and support has increased exponentially that resulted in the great demand for instant customer support services.

The reason behind call drop could be many, such as the call routing is not happening properly or the agent is spending too much time on a call or the issue could be the average handling time.

Due to all these reasons, the calls are dropped and in customer support environment only the customers who are in dire need of a solution, reach out the customer support again. The calls will come from rest of the customers remains less likely. To handle call drop, keeping a call back option works in favor.

5. Relevancy Of the Answers

The answers that the customers are getting from the agents should be relevant and promising. The relevancy of the answer decides the satisfaction level of the customers.

To know the relevancy and judge the effectiveness of the customer support, the call center manager can record the agent calls and monitor how well an agent is handling a customer. Greater the relevancy of the answers the better would be the efficiency of the customer support.

Auditing a call center is a matter of improving the technical as well as human capabilities deployed in a call center. Eventually, every individual customer ending up with a satisfied mindset is what a customer support system looks for. Auditing is just to make sure that the customer support should not lag behind to fulfill this aspect.

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