Transform Your Customer Experience with Call Center Hosting

A call center has many responsibilities but the single most important is making sure that the customers of your company have the best possible experience. From the moment they pick up their phone to when they put it down, it’s the job of your call center to keep them happy.

Transform Your Customer Experience with CloudSpace Technology

However, call centers have changed with time and so have the customers’ expectations as well. There are many factors that are pivotal in setting up the best experience for your calling customers. We here at Call Center Hosting take pride in providing the best solutions for ensuring that your call center gets all the things it needs to keep your customers happy.

The question that follows is that how exactly can a call center make its customer get the best experience and how can Call Center Hosting help? Well that is what we are here to answer:

Q: Our customers don’t like paying money when they call us. What can we do?
A: This is a pretty straightforward answer- Get Toll Free Numbers! Call Center Hosting provides Toll-Free numbers equipped with a myriad of functionalities that allows your callers to be at ease when they are calling. Most studies have proven that a phone interaction (or any type of communication for that matter) works better if there are no constraints. With Toll-Free numbers, your customers can make calls without any hesitations as they won’t be charged with it.

Q: “Our Infrastructure is not big enough to handle the calls during the sales season. Buying more phones is not an option because we won’t be getting that many calls once the sale end. What do we do?”
A: We at Call Center Hosting provide easy cloud-based solutions. That means your call center will not have to buy ANY phones at all. You will be renting software based computer phones and the number of phones you are using can be easily changed as per the needs. The easy scalability that Call Center Hosting provides allows your call center to have more resources during surge season and when the surge ends you can go back to your original plans. No customers are left unanswered.

Q: People these days often prefer to communicate using other channels besides the phone. However having multiple agents working different channels is not possible. What do we do?”
A: The Internet has brought many things to the world and giving people cheaper and faster communication channels is one of the major advantages it has provided. As people are getting more comfortable with these channels like email, video conferencing or chats, they tend to prefer interacting using these channels instead of the traditional voice calling. With Call Center Hosting, your call center gets equipped with the ability to handle the multi-channel interaction. With the same interface your agents use to make voice calls, they can also interact with the customers via video, emails or chats.

Q: At times customers call after hours when there are no agents available. What do we do?”
A: Call Center Hosting allows a call center to route their phone calls to their agent’s personal phones. With this feature, you can make sure that your customers won’t have to worry and can get their urgent problems solved even during after hours. It even enables your call center to get assistance from remote staff. You can hire remote employees at a much more affordable rate to handle any increase in traffic.

Wrapping it up

With Call Center Hosting, you get the best of everything. Easy scalability, efficient tracking and monitoring of your calls, automatic dialers, IVR, multi-channel support and much more. Get in touch with us to make sure that you have all the features in your call center to provide your customer the best experience for total satisfaction.

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  1. Schmit says:

    Cloud is the future. If our steps are aligned with it then the call center management becomes a lot easier. It is always advisable to believe in cloud based technology because this idea walks with innovation :)

  2. Grimes says:

    SaaS has given many avenues to explore and innovate new things. Cloud based technology has stood by it so far. I am sure this technology has a long way to go.


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