VICIdial* on Cloud : What You Need to Know

VICIdial* is a sophisticated call center solution that fulfills the contemporary needs for customer services. The communication of your business needs to be uninterrupted and well designed based on the day to day customer data. VICIdial uses the customer data productively. One can customize it as per the needs of the business that lead to efficient management of customers and better business communication.


VICIdial* provides a complete call center solution that ensures a stable service, enhanced productivity and a never before profitability for your business. Cloud technology has strengthened its communication interface and because of the innovative features, the ideas of better communication becomes more promising. Let’s see how VICIdial* hosting is proving its potential in the call center environment.

1. Better Business Communication

VICIdial* ensures a better business communication between the agents and the customers. The communication totally depends on how effectively the agents reach out to the customers. A productive communication depends on well-collected customer information and the statistics involved in it.

VICIdial* is designed with a robust call structure. A well-structured call plan and routing options give better results to make the communication platform more result oriented for the customer as well as the agents.

2. Cost Effectiveness

Cloud technology and cost effectiveness walk together. VICIdial* is based on cloud and that’s why the economics behind its dialer set up and execution are quite lesser. Since VICIdial* is based on a software, its installation is quite easy and it can be installed on any computer.

VICIdial* on cloud provides a complete platform for the agent customer communication. An agent doesn’t need anything else to execute the customer support process. The additional features that come with the VICIdial* don’t ask for extra money.

3. Features that go with the Needs

Flexiblity and Scalability come along with the cloud technology and because of the same reason VICIdial* do carry these attributes as well. The size of your customer base and the number of agents needed to deal with it remain congruous with the features of VICIdial*. Features like automatic call routing, call recording, schedule for a callback, getting the information from the customer database help the agents to have a productive conversation with the customers. You can easily customize these feature according to the needs of your business and get the best results.

4. Sharp Customer Analysis

The call recording feature that helps you to analyze the conversation happened with the customers and the customer data is used effectively because of software features that analyze the customer data effectively and deduce many meaningful results and use it effectively.

An agent bringing in the customer specific information to the conversation has more chances to close the call on a successful note. A well-informed service provider carries greater concerns than the one who doesn’t have much information and has to ask the customer for every small or big information. This deters the purpose of a good customer service. With VICIdial* you can avoid such situations in which customers get clueless about the final decision making about the service due to lack of information.

5. Security of Data

For designing and improving a service, the role of data can not be avoided. So the crucial customer data is always safe with VICIdial* and the process of storage and retrieval of data remains intact from any breach. The team behind VICIdial* hosting supports the safety and security of data and assures that the security standards will evade any possibility of security threat. Your crucial customer data is always safe with VICIdial* and you can always bank on the security standards they carry.

6. Create Campaigns for Your Business

VICIdial* has many features that help you to create campaigns for your business and enables you to implement various marketing strategies that are needed for the kind of business services you are providing. And after an execution of campaigns, you can easily manage and analyze the reports. Marketing is necessary for every business and VICIdial* makes you efficient in this stake as well.

7. Go for an Efficient Communication Platform

VICIdial* has an offering for every need of the call center environment. The versatility that VICIdial* carries with itself suits the contemporary business needs aptly. The forward-looking features of VICIdial* hosting help you to get the best results for your business. Because with effective communication, comes better results.

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