4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cloud Hosted Predictive Dialer

For your business to reach its full potential, you must reach the right customers. And to reach out the right set of customers, the role of dialers in a call center environment is indispensable.

Dialer takes off the hassle of manual dialing and automatically dials the contact number for the leads, fed in the system by you. A predictive dialer is the advanced version of the software and it applies smart algorithm to identify the unconnected calls, such as unanswered calls, wrong number, voicemails, etc. and connect a call with your agent only when on a human answer. In this way, it enhances the on-call time for the agents as there is no waiting period for the call to connect. Achieving more productivity in reaching the customers is what predictive dialers do.

choose cloud hosted predictive dialer

The introduction of cloud technology to the dialers started totally a new chapter because of the meaningful data usage. The dialers delivered smarter solutions by getting the right customers involved in your business and also helping the accessibility for remote agents. With better utilization of customer data, it increased the opportunities by many folds and has helped in tapping the full business potential.

Let’s look at some more reasons why you should choose a cloud-hosted predictive dialer for your business.

1. Business Intelligence at a Low Cost

To run a business efficiently, it is necessary that resources are optimally utilized. Opting to go ahead with a hosted predictive dialer, you attract a lot of intelligence to your outbound calls and that too at a low cost as there is no device restrictions and geographical constraints. It allows you to pick cost-friendly business methods, such as- remote agent operations.

Furthermore, improved efficiency and on-call time of the agents is a direct indicator that you are likely of achieving better results. A predictive dialer is a cumulative outbound solution that covers every single need related to making the outbound solutions more result oriented. If there is a customer base and it remains untapped because of an inefficient customer outreach, it is actually a loss to your business. Predictive dialer strikes off every such possibility of disorganization and makes your customer outreach much more inclined towards positive results.

Predictive dialer strikes off every such possibility of disorganization and makes your customer outreach much more inclined towards positive results.

2. Zero Maintenance of Local Infrastructure

Cloud hosted dialer doesn’t need any particular maintenance cost at the business end. Various maintenance concerns including security, add-on implementation, agent flexibility, accommodating the changing customer data, etc. are taken care of by the service provider.

Once the predictive dialer is hosted on the server, you just have to setup the users (some services providers even take care of that as well) and the share with them the access details. They can login from anywhere and your call center is all set to get going with the right operations.

3. Automatic Updates

The predictive dialer gets updated automatically to eliminate the security threats to the customer data, enhance the features or improve the user experience. For a locally installed predictive dialer, the installation of the updates will depend on every agent’s device. Going with the hosted dialer, the device dependency is non-existent.

To tackle the security threats and to maintain a constant upgrade with the algorithms, it is necessary that your software is running in its latest version. Another crucial reason for the updates for predictive dialer is that to maintain coherence with other integrated business applications (such as CRMs, ticketing software, etc.).

4. Better Availability of Key Customer Information

Cloud hosting breaks various integration barriers between different applications as it eliminates the local device restrictions such as memory usage, storage needs, platform compatibility, etc. Cross-application integration eases the process of information sharing.

Using the most accurate and latest information, not only the predictive dialer connects more calls using the demographic, but also adds more to the presentation skills of the live agent when the call is connected.

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  1. Samaksh says:

    Hi Vipul!
    Well written. Hosted Dialers increases the efficiency of every customer service agents.
    Making it a time-saving tool for any call center agent.

  2. Arjun says:

    Hey, I was searching for information regarding predictive dialers.
    Thank you, Vipul for giving your insights on this.


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