Call Center Dialers: Are You Hosting It On Cloud?

For a diverse customer base, it becomes necessary to contact customers in an efficient way because missing out on even a single promising lead would not be good for the prospect of your business.

The call center solutions commonly used today are designed specifically keeping this in mind that every customer should get individual importance while availing the services. But before a customer opts for a service, it is necessary to make them understand the profitability that your services are offering. So to keep the idea of a solid customer base afloat, you need to have a solid customer contact.


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Here the role of call center dialers come into the picture and the cloud has made the contemporary scenario altogether more information centric and result oriented. If you are using a dialer, let’s look at if at all you should host it on the cloud.

But before that let’s first understand the type of dialers that call centers usually use for their outbound solutions.

Types Of Dialers

Dialers are outbound call center solutions. Initially, agents dialed the customer contacts manually at random and expected the customer to answer the call. But gradually things changed and the need of dialers became more relevant in the call center environment and for accessing the customers in a much better way. The idea of communication with the customers became more inclined towards results.

There are three kinds of dialers that are mainly used in the call center environment: manual dialers, auto dialers, and predictive dialers.

Now based on different needs, different dialers are put to use for better customer access and an upsurged sales acceleration.

  • Manual dialers are traditional dialers where the agent dials the customer contact numbers manually one by one.
  • In case of auto dialers, it dials the customer contact numbers automatically and once the call is connected it is then transferred to an available agent.
  • Predictive dialers are the most modern dialers and use complicated algorithms to pick a set of customers to call. The time to call the customers is also chosen by the predictive dialer, based on different details of the customers such as demography and time-zones.

Presence Of Data In The Call Center Environment

The Cloud has brought the best possible solutions to every contemporary issue that has a need of data. It has made the storage and retrieval of data much easier and much more result oriented. The idea is to use every bit of information that is there in the form of a big bulk of data. Every step taken by the customer, be it decision-making or the use of a service or analysis, there is always an add on to the data already present.

With the advent of cloud in the call center environment, cloud hosted call centers have become the repositories of data and for the same reasons, it has become necessary for the service providers to use that data and make the best possible usage of it.

Should You Host Your Dialer On Cloud?

The idea of hosting your dialer is altogether a question of benefits that your business is going to get, at the end of the day. And it totally depends on two things, the first one is the scale of your business and another factor is the attributes of your customer base. With attributes here meaning, the demographic details, time-zones and to understand, what exactly the customers are looking for.

A manual dialer has certain limitations and can not fill in for the needs of a huge customer base and they also miss out on vital customer data. Auto dialers dial the customer contacts and automatically and are a huge success in connecting with the customers. But the leader in the dialers is the predictive dialer that works on an algorithm and makes the best usage of the customer data.

Cloud carries a lot of innovations and advanced features and they have brought severe productive changes to the call center environment. A dialer hosted on cloud ensures that the customer data is optimized towards result oriented deductions and predictive dialers use this optimized data perfectly to tap the right set of customers.

Bring Innovation To Your Dialer

A dialer is an assurance that your promising customers will always be there in your access and you will not miss out on a single customer who could eventually be a part of your loyal customer base. Cloud has given unprecedented intelligence to the dialers. And with such intelligence, the contemporary dialers have the customers more likely to take the calls and speak with the agent.

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  1. Wayman says:

    Cloud definitely has consolidated the dialers and with the presence of data in the call center environment, cloud based dialer is more promising.

  2. Elona says:

    Well I would just say that the hosting of dialer on cloud has several benefits that have can not be avoided. It helps in keeping the customer support process smooth and easy.


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