7 Ways Call Center Software Enhances Customer Experience

In a cloud hosted call center, call center software has come out to be an effective tool, capable of managing the customer related data and get meaningful insights, which further helps to tap a good customer base for your business solution. Call center software has many capabilities with the help of which the virtual call centers stay ahead of traditional ones. Let’s look at some of the best features of call center software that help to achieve a seamless customer experience.

call center software and customer experience

1. Call Recording

Call recording is a feature that helps to get meaningful insights from the conversations with the customers. After the conversation is over, the call is automatically recorded and stored in the database of the related customer. This stored recording can be heard anytime to understand the customer’s inclination and improve the agent’s engagement with him on the basis of analyzing the way the customer has been dealt with.

This helps to give a new shape to the customer service system and the customer experience is improved.

2. Call Control

The call control feature allows the agents to keep the conversation more constructive by features like hold, mute, transfer and call conferencing. These features provide a worthwhile solution to fulfill the customer’s needs while the conversation is on. The basic idea behind call control is to give the customers an excellent service in the least time invested.

3. Agent to Agent Calling

A team that is working in collaboration is a lot more efficient to achieve more number of satisfied customers. The reason behind it is, a customer is seeking a solution that may not be available with the agents who are on the call. In such cases, the agent needs to consult the person who may be better aware of the particular information being sought after.

Call center software gives a facility to call anyone with the help of just one click. Another feature is the agent does not need to remember the department wise extension number or numbers related to a specific person. Only typing the name takes you to the contact details of the people. Remote agents who are traveling or working from home can also be accessed.

4. Customer Related Information

Every customer is unique when it comes to availing a service. So it becomes necessary for the service provider to keep the customer specific data in easy access. Call center software has features to collate the data and as the software is based on cloud, the data can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Cloud technology ensures safety and security of the data.

5. Call Routing

Call center software automatically routes the call to the available agent who can answer the customer query. In this way, the customer doesn’t have to wait for a long time to reach a solution. And it adds to the seamless customer experience if he finds a solution without much delay.

6. Deals Efficiently With Call Volume Demands

Increasing call volume demands can be easily tackled by call center software as it has the ability to make and receive as many calls as necessary with unlimited concurrent calls. The call center software also helps to reduce blocked calls and ensure that as many customers are connected at a time.

7. Personal touch to Customer Support

Various meaningful features in call center software, cumulatively, give a personal touch to the customer service. The database related to a particular customer helps the agents to revisit the customer’s activity during the conversation.

The customer doesn’t have to explain everything from the beginning to the agent, he is aware of the customer’s previous concerns.

Best Tool for Seamless Customer Experience

A call center software is one of the best contemporary tools in the call center environment that makes the-the overall customer experience seamless, with minimum efforts. The reason behind it is, a well-thought design that covers all the touch points and prerequisites that makes the customer experience much better.

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  1. Engelen says:

    A meaningful approach to the customers by the agents comprises the best usage of the call center software. The idea of zeroing in the one that fulfill the need of your business is a good idea.

  2. Grimes says:

    It is great to see with the help of just one software one can run the call center so easily. I am going in for one very soon. Thank you Vipul for your insights.

  3. Dustyn says:

    A lot has been said about the virtual way of running a call center, but I am still looking for more assurance if I should go for one, still using the traditional set up.


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