Call Center Metrics for 2017 That Will Improve Overall Productivity

The measure of productivity at a call center is decided by various important metrics and with the passage of time and upcoming technologies, the ways to find results from the respective metrics has also altered because the way technology has changed and by the more involvement of statistical data.

call center metrics 2017

But why these metrics are important? The answer lies in the fact that the productivity of your call center is a matter of judgment of various aspects that support the day to day process of the call center environment. The more statics are involved the more specificity comes to the results.

Let’s look at what all call center metrics are playing important role in the year 2017.

1. Omni-Channel Customer Support

The customers are available on various channels, so it becomes necessary to be available on all these channels with a well-equipped infrastructure to respond to the customers and make a fruitful interaction with them. By a combined format of several channels such as email, phone or chat the customers get a seamless experience.

An omni-channel customer support also helps to track a customer journey. A customer may pick one channel and end up following another channel before turning into a loyal customer to your services.

2. Voice-Based Support

It has been found that most of the customers prefer to talk over the phone for the support. In comparison to the chat or email support, speaking over the phone helps in providing a better and immediate customer support.

Providing the best possible customer service is a matter of understanding the customer’s needs and making the best solution available to them without any delay. Despite so many digital channels available, the communication over the phone is the best and the most preferred way chosen by the customers.

3. Role of Big Data

Big data is going to play a vital role in 2017 and afterward. Every step taken while providing customer support creates data one way or other and now there is a bulk of data available. This data related to the customers are like a treasure of information and with the advent of cloud technology, the role of data has found a much greater significance in call center environment.

The role of big data is totally unavoidable if worked upon intelligently. The deductions from the data are going to help in improving the services to a large extent.

4. Cloud Hosting

Most of the call centers are gradually opting for the cloud hosting and this will be preferred in the future as well. The reason behind such transformation is their utility and versatile features. The innovation and productivity they have brought in to the call center environment are unprecedented and the economics make them more preferable in the current scenario.

5. Call Center Security

For every user, security is the main concern and in the contemporary times, very solid measures are being taken to avoid data theft or breach of security. This trend of keeping more focus on the security is going to get more enhanced.

According to IDG, it has been suggested that the year 2017 is going to be very promising for the cloud security. Most of the organizations are switching to the cloud because of the robust infrastructure behind the security of the data. Backup plans and disaster management have taken a totally a new dimension assuring the cloud users about more security and safety for the data.

These above-mentioned call center metrics are effective ways to measure the overall productivity of the call centers and with the utter focus on these factors, the current scenarios can be benefited by using the available resources in the best possible way.

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