How Cloud Call Centers are Making Global Agent Force for Customers Worldwide

It has been found that the arrival of cloud hosted call center has made a global agent force to help the customers with the best possible services. The single idea that consolidates this fact is, the agents can work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Present on the same platform, the agents and call center managers can easily be connected and create a global team that has a single motto in their minds, how to use the human skills as well as technical resources to its best potential and provide the customers with the best solutions.


Depending on the scope of business, the customers spread across different countries, speak different languages and live in different time zones. The most necessary part in the customer support environment is, if a customer is awake in any part of the world, an agent should stay awake for him.

Arrival of Freelance Agents

In the recent times, more and more people are opting for work from home, globally. According to a report of Bureau of Labor statistics, in the year 1995, the total percentage of full-time workers was 93, but today 15 percent of the workforce is comprised of freelancers and temp workers.

Now if we consider the customer service environment specifically then we get to know that the job of an agent demands expertise and skills. It includes skills such as

– Negotiation
– Resilience
– Communication
– Creativity

In this context, after spending a noticeable time on these skills an agent can cater customer service from home with the help of a call center software. With such autonomy to agents, the cloud hosted call centers have shown great results.

It is nevertheless to say that lesser the pressure, greater the productivity.

Use of specific Data

Some industries need specific data, such as regulated industries like healthcare or finance. The biggest concern is while having a conversation with the customers, agents need specific data with exact figures.

But this has not remained an issue because data is there on cloud and so it can be used anytime, anywhere. The growth of virtual call centers has brought biggest changes in this stake because data is easily stored and retrieved in the cloud and moreover, it is always safe.

If we consider a scenario, a customer who is looking for his medical reports for further consultation. In such situations where the figures are important to its decimal value, it becomes necessary to have an eye on detail and all the information handy.

Cloud hosted call centers have ensured the access of data from anywhere in the world, effortlessly.

Data also speaks about Cloud

According to the latest report of Gartner MQ for workforce optimization, “By the end of 2018, 70% of the organizations with over 300 customer care agents will take an integrated approach to workforce optimization with their investments in the new technologies”. And the cloud is one such technology that is well prepared for the future.

With cloud technology, it hardly matters where the employees are located, where the particular file related to a particular customer is kept. Once your call center is hosted on the cloud it gives a wholesome approach to the data and optimizes its usage in various ways.

Cloud is paving the way ahead

The way ahead is all about making the most of the resources. Technology and human skills together become a solution, only if the technology is apt and human skills are sharp.

Cloud is giving an avenue to more number of skillful people to come up and give the customers the best possible solution by their negotiation and other needed skills. If the agent has these skills then the cloud is ready to include him in the global agent force.


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  1. Harisha says:

    An agent is a very important entity in customer care environment and the conversation they do with the customers also helps in customer engagement. Great article!


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