5 Reasons Why Cloud Contact Center is also a Green Solution

Cloud has come up as the best contemporary solution to many technological needs that calls for more concern about the environment and its well-being. The need for data storage is growing and so is the digitization of everything around. The virtual world has given avenues to save and retrieve data at any point of time.

But the data centers behind such storage of data need a hell lot of electricity to run properly and fulfill the global need. Electricity is generated with a lot of heat emissions. This heat emission further adds to more carbon footprints, which eventually causes problems to the environment.

cloud contact center is a green solution

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But with the help of renewable energy, these data centers are trying their best for the customers as well as the environment. And when it comes to the contact centers, the cloud has proved itself to be more environment-friendly. Let’s look at the scenario in more detail and understand the green ideas behind it.

1. No Need for Infrastructure

For a cloud contact center, there is no need for any infrastructure and the agents and the call center managers can be located in different places. There is no need of physical location and additional need for electricity and infrastructure development. Infrastructure development itself causes many threats to the environment. But cloud contact centers are independent of this. And such autonomy ensures a greener environment with less carbon footprint.

2. Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is another factor that helps in making environment greener. With the help of server virtualization, the server administrator divides the physical server into multiple isolated virtual environments.

Server virtualization enhances the overall efficiency and the number of equipment needed to run the contact center and also the space occupied by a server provides services to many users. Also, production of electricity is one of the biggest reason behind the carbon footprint. Less number of servers ensure lesser need of electricity and eventually lesser carbon emission.

3. Less number of Equipment: Less IT Waste

To run a cloud contact center you just need good internet, a computer, and a headset. This is enough to execute the communication process with the customers. A software is loaded on the computer, that is well designed and is equipped with many means for data management related to customers and the call history.

The lesser use of electronic devices ensures less use of plastic and further IT waste. The industry waste products cause a lot of damage to the environment.

In comparison to this, the traditional hardwired contact centers need more number of devices and a suitable electronic infrastructure. This further adds to IT waste and hazard to the environment.

4. Multitenancy: Saving The Energy

Suppose six users are using the same software and six different servers are running to complete the process. This is a sheer wastage of energy and in this scenario the need of more electricity is unavoidable. Now consider the another scenario in which the software is running on only one of the servers but the access for configuration and management is given to all the six users, in this way, a lot of energy is saved and the need for electricity to run the servers is reduced.

Cloud contact centers provide multitenancy with self-administration features. With this attribute, cloud contact centers stand far ahead of the traditional contact centers with more green possibilities.

5. Data Centers are going Green Now

More number of data centers are banking on the renewable energy for electricity generation or cooling down of the servers. The data centers of Google and Apple have already set an example. After such initiatives from big names, others have also followed the suit.

A cloud contact center ensures that the need of electricity is being fulfilled by using the wind energy or the power of sunlight. Gradually the presence of green energy will increase in coming future.

Cloud Solution is a Green Solution

The cloud technology is consolidating in every domain and the good part is that the idea of the green environment is always present in changes and developments that the cloud technology is undergoing. Cloud contact centers are making their presence felt with greater possibilities for a greener environment.


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  1. Sharon says:

    Cloud technology has many benefits of these benefits the best one is its concern about the green environment. And it becomes very much necessary for us to use that technology that causes less amount of the IT waste.

  2. Philip says:

    Cloud hosted call centers are the best ways when it comes to use the available resources in its best way, Multitenancy definitely is one good property that is totally unavoidable.

  3. Rouven says:

    The best thing recently that have showed up about cloud computing is, they are going green. Google and facebook have set an example that are making others to think in this direction.

  4. Taylor says:

    Any technology that causes lesser amount of IT waste is a promising technology, nowadays. After reading this article I feel every business should look for some avenues to use the cloud technology in the best possible manner.

  5. Altenburg says:

    Cloud hosted call centers are one of the best technologies to keep the environmental friendliness, intact in call center environment. I am switching myself to it very soon.

  6. Cornelius says:

    The server virtualisation feature is awesome. Never heard of it before. I feel i can use it for my business as well as I am an online retailer.

  7. Jacob says:

    It is the most necessary to keep it safe and sound to abide by the environment’s need, most of the business that are running these days have someway or other affected the environment oddly. I feel good to know how contact centers are trying to find a green solution to keep it better.


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