How Mobility Can Improve Customer Service in Call Centers?

John was on his way to the office and he suddenly realized that he had an appointment with his doctor in the evening. But due to his busy schedule, he could not get the reports that he had to show to the doctor. He immediately, called up the customer service of the hospital, mentioning about the concern. The agent, who took the call, he understood the scenario and did the favorable. He e-mailed all the reports of John to the particular doctor for prior analysis and also mentioned about the appointment in the evening.

The common thing about the above-mentioned story is, both of them, the customer and the agent used their smartphones to complete the communication. Thanks to the new age mobile applications and sophisticated technologies, that are allowing the whole customer service experience to be more agile with improved mobility.

Mobility Can Improve Customer Service in Call Centers

Let’s look at the scenario in more detail.

Seamless Customer Experience

A seamless customer experience depends on the fact that a customer is getting ample value for his time. And the service, he is in need of, is available just at the push of a button. This strategy of providing a customer with more than his expectations leads to a seamless customer experience.

In customer service, the aspect of mobility has come out to be very effective, as the customers as well as agents can have fruitful business communication in real time and even access the data on their smart phones. Thanks to the cloud technology and the kind of innovations it has brought.

Better Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is necessary for business, be it any. And with development in the cloud and mobile technology the customers have become more capable in terms of accessing the services they are in need of. Agents can be accessed by the customers anytime. And with the help of just an app the agents are able to respond to the customer’s queries in the real time through their smart phones.

In a cloud-based call center, the agents can work from anywhere, independent of location. They can work from home as well. With mobility, the customers can be kept engaged into meaningful business communication globally, that too, 24 cross 7.

Tapping the Best of the Technologies

Technologies are improving day by day and they are available in bulk. It’s up to you to zero in that suits you the best and tap its potential to the core. The growth in smartphones and its area of usage have become exponential. With the passage of time, mobile applications have evolved to be more user-friendly. This sense of ease for using a new technology ensures that the customers will not give it a second thought before using an app or technology to reach a meaningful business solution through call center agents.

Multi-Channel Activity

Engagement of the customers happens through various channels like web, e-mail, social media. A customer, who is seeking a plausible response can be reached through any of these channels. All these mentioned platforms ensure quick access to the agents and a lesser response time. And since, smartphones have access to all these channels, the mutual communication between agents and the customers can happen anytime, anywhere. In this way, the aspect of mobility becomes more accountable.

Making an Intelligent Support System

When it comes to one to one communication, it involves negotiation and listening. And a platform that is not time or space bound turns out to be an intelligent one. Mobility helps to get a customer support solution with such an intelligence and it gives you many avenues for a much better customer and agent involvement. An intelligent support system ensures higher customer satisfaction ratio provided the touch points of mobility are utilised to its best potential.

Mobility is Promising

The promising prospect of mobility will keep proving its presence in the customer service environment. The growth in the number of customers is perpetually seeking a durable solution in customer service, and mobility definitely has one, for the times to come.

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  1. Armfield says:

    The factor of mobility can not be ignored nowadays. And most of the technologies are trying their best to take everything in real time. Nice insights Vipul!!

  2. Dustyn says:

    I agree with you Vipul ! But I feel the aspect of mobility in our day to day technologies make it a lot more chaotic as you can not take yourself off from the device. Just a concern.

  3. Grimes says:

    I’m sorry but mobility is somewhat a new thing for me and I haven’t seen much of it yet. But yes what you have talked about in your article definitely has meaningful points. :)

  4. Jacob says:

    I agree with you Vipul, the multi-channel activity definitely improves the quality of customer support system. Mobility has a long way to go.


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