How to Reduce Call Drop Rate in a Call Center

With increasing call volume, call drop has turned out to be one of the biggest problems in the call center environment and for various reasons, customers are accessing the customer support inadvertently in a larger number.

The final decision making related to a product or a service is getting more and more dependent on consultation of the experts or support agents. Customers are looking for such consultation to reach a meaningful solution.

The contemporary call center solutions have consolidated the scenario in a much better way and have made it more productive towards handling the voluminous calls on a daily basis that challenges the current scenario of the customer support system.

reduce call drop rate

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Call drop just signifies that the efficiency of the call center is not being able to match with the demands of the customer support environment. Customer wait time is another factor that is affected by various reasons such as the agent awareness and his ability to handle the customer query well and efficiently.

Here are three ways that can help you reduce call drop rate or abandon rates in your call center.

1. Intelligent Distribution Of Calls

With the advent of cloud, the call centers are using the automatic distribution of call as the inbound call centers have become more occupied and unavailable with time. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is one of the key ways to create a platform for agents to receive the calls meaningfully and make the best out of it. This feature handles the call volume by distributing the calls to the available agents, immediately.

In addition to this, skill-based call routing is another feature that helps a lot while dealing with the customer queries as the customers get the most suitable solutions in the least time invested. And the possibility of call drop gets minimal.

2. Using IVRs As A Self-Help Tool

Interactive Voice Response (IVRs) are one of the best self-help tools that guide the customers in a meaningful way.

It becomes the responsibility of the service provider to design an IVR that is easy to use and intuitive. An easy menu helps the customers effectively as they may find a solution on their own and in any case, if the solution is not visible then a line to the live agent is always open.

3. Giving Your Customers A Call Back Option

The call back option is one of the best possible ways to make your customers connected with your business and to avoid the hold time in a meaningful way.

In the call back option, the customers are given an option of receiving a call back, once there is an agent available.

The customer is given a call back option and by just one click of a button, the agent gets to know that a customer was trying to approach the support but the line was busy. So in place of waiting for the call to connect, the customer chooses for an option to get connected by a call back.

Drop Every Possibility Of Getting a Call Dropped

The volume of the calls is increasing on a daily basis and making a call center environment more challenging. The occurrence of call drop just signifies that there is a gap between demand and supply of the customer support level. This gap can only be filled up by making use of the resources in a very efficient way and choosing the above-mentioned ways to handle the call volume.

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