6 Strategies To Drive Productivity In A Call Center

The productivity of a call center, in the literal sense, is using the potential of the call center to the fullest. Your agents, who deal with customers, govern this potential. And generally, the customers are impatient, looking for some solution or an answer. At times, their queries vary from relevant to some meaningless realm. The agents have to deal with that too, without wasting much time.

Better potential leads to improved productivity.

5 Strategies To Drive Productivity In A Call Center

Let’s look at what are the factors that can influence this highly sought after term – productivity in a call center.

1. Get the Right Dialer and Routing

Predictive dialer can precisely calculate the potential of your agents and accordingly connect to the right customers. So, your agents don’t have to waste the time on dialing and redialing. Less wastage means more productivity – all thanks to predictive dialer. But that is for the outbound calling operations.

When it comes to inbound calling services, the routing becomes an important asset. With the modern call center software, it is pretty simple to route the calls. However, that simplicity depends on how well your setup understands the need of the customer. Analyze your setup structure according to the customer needs and route the calls using IVR and ACD to keep the agents stress-free and prolific.

2. Train Your Agents Better

Let’s look at the usual call center scenario. Customers on the call are either to be impressed for the sale or they are frustrated with the issues in your service. In both the cases, your agent’s performance is the key. Though they can fake things to delay the annoyance, a long-term solutions remains with the commanding knowledge of your service/product.

Make your agents abundantly aware of the useful and necessary information of your services/products. So that they could speculate the queries according to customer’s behavior and don’t take much time to answer them. Awareness will lead to effective solutions and sales, which further helps to better the productivity.

3. Improve Workplace Environment

Keep the surroundings for your agents hassle-free and harmonious. The positive attitude of the agents on the call will shoot the productivity soaring up without much effort.  The only effort you have to make is to understand the basics of keeping a healthy workplace environment around your agents.

Because pressure at a workplace squeezes out the productivity, as well as the creativity. The agent may miss out on some meaningful information for the customer because of the pressure he has to deal with. Basically, channelize your workload properly. Remember that the automatic dialers play massive role in taking off the pressure from the agents. But the environment at call center will require more of inter-employee relationship to keep the productivity better.

4. Understand Your Agents Better

Do you know the creative side of your agents? You might not be using the full potential of your agents if you don’t know them well. Some agents are master at sales, while other find pleasure in solving customer issues. And it is your responsibility to deploy them accordingly. It will definitely show a big change in the productivity of your call center.  The reason is the agent himself will be able to realize their potential because they will find themselves in a better position.

So try extracting the best performance out of everyone. So if you really want to tap that unleashed potential then talk to your agents more often. Merge the professional conversation with personal concerns. And eventually, you will know your agents well, understand them better. Develop a training program as well and groom your agents on personality as well as professional stakes.

5. Keep the Relevant Information Handy

It is likely that your agents may have the information but he is not able to deliver it properly. Another case is, the agent doesn’t have the information at all. The latter case shows the slapdash working methodology.  So make a glossary of relevant information that covers the queries that show up in customer’s minds in general or that could be speculated according to customer’s orientation. With this, a lot of time will be saved and the probability of first call resolution will be enhanced.

6. Use of Contemporary Technology

Just don’t miss out on the technological things that are new and are utterly meaningful to your call center.  When humans walk hand in hand with technology then the results could be unimaginable. So don’t miss out on the best of the technical advancements in the field of call centers. Get the hang of these technologies and use them.

IVRs are very useful. If they are simple and user-friendly then they can handle a big chunk of pressure in the workplace. Use wireless headsets. And keep your other equipment ergonomically sound.

Productivity: An Imminent Factor

If you bring the aforesaid changes in your call center, productivity is definitely imminent. One can say that Productivity in the call centers is just the cumulative measure of the potential being realized by each individual.  So don’t lose your focus from the individual, your agents.

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