Traditional vs. Virtual Contact Centers: Which Is Better?

The most basic question that comes up while choosing a contact center is, why one should go for a virtual one? Have traditional call centers lost the battle against sophisticated technology or are they really getting obsolete because of lack of innovation. If this is so, then how we survived the customer satisfaction needs so far?

traditional vs virtual call centers

The answers to all these questions lie in the fact that we have come far ahead of the previous versions of the call centers because of the various substantial reasons that make it more sensible to adhere with the cloud-hosted virtual call centers.

Your customers are not traditional, they evolve with time

The mindset and the inclination of the customer change with times. And with this varying interest, it gets a little tougher to comply with the customer’s preferences with limited resources. Traditional call centers are just resourceful to a limited extent and they don’t walk in tandem with the customer’s needs.

With the growth in awareness of the customers, it becomes essential to keep the customer support more appropriate to the customer’s needs. Virtual call centers are the best contemporary solutions for the same.

Cost is taken care of by the virtual call centers

For any business cost comes first, traditional call centers have a certain cost to invest for the initial set up. Since they are hardwired call centers, one needs many hardware and a premise to install them. Both these necessities incur the cost, substantially.

In comparison to this, the virtual call centers are far more cost effective as they work based on call center software. Few essential things that are needed to give a virtual call center a perfect start are, a computer, a headset, and a good internet connection and with these basic things you are good to proceed.

Virtual call centers use the customer data in the real sense

The data related to the customers such as call logs, call history are important to track for the retention of a good customer base. The traditional call centers have no ways and means to make use of this data. They outsource an external body for the analysis of the data and the results are fed to the call centers. This costs a lot of money.

Virtual call centers are cloud hosted and the call center software optimizes the customer data in its best way and provides many meaningful results.

Sophisticated features of virtual call centers are unavoidable

Cloud itself is one reliable technology that has several benefits such as reliability, scalability, security, and customer friendliness. And call center software are designed with many sophisticated features that fulfill the needs of the customers.

Predictive dialer, VoIP calls, auto dialer, toll-free numbers are some features that help immensely in customer support process. Virtual call centers are one of the best examples how cloud technology is doing wonders in the contemporary technological needs.

Virtual call centers give accessibility to agents

The agents get a hassle free and humane environment with virtual call centers. They can work from anywhere in the world. With such accessibility, the overall call center productivity is enhanced many folds. The software provides an option for the call center managers to keep in touch with their agents spread across the world.

The agent to agent connection and contacting an expert in the times when the agent is not able to find an answer himself is quite easy in virtual call centers. With the virtual call centers, there is always a team working together for customer satisfaction.

Look ahead with virtual call centers

The attributes that come with virtual call centers are best suited for the current needs of the call center environment. The awareness in the customers is growing and because of this reason, lagging behind with fewer offerings in customer support is not at all a forward looking thing. Virtual call centers are undoubtedly ahead in the race.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I recently chose to outsource my customer support to a virtual call center and I am getting good results. So for me a virtual call center stands better.

  2. Bordoni says:

    Virtual call centers stand way ahead to the traditional ones and because of very many reasons the ones you have mentioned in your article are definitely consolidate this point.


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