Virtual Call Centers – A Need for Today: Blog Series [7/7]

How Virtual Call Centers are also a Green Solution

In the previous post, we discussed about how Virtual Call centers are meant for the future and how the features of virtual call centers gel up with the contemporary as well as the needs that are yet to arrive. The speculations and the ideas that suggest clearly about customer inclinations and the approach of the customers towards the particular needs that the service provider has to deal with to maintain a good service as well as a better customer experience.


Most of the big companies are looking for their corporate social responsibility and keep up with the ways of business that are environment-friendly. In this aspect of running a business, the virtual call centers are at the helping hand to make the scenario more promising and induce the onset of a better future with a healthy climate. Let’s look at what all features of virtual call centers make the scenario more inclined towards greener side.

Zero Infrastructure

Any official set up needs space and a basic infrastructure. The infrastructure needs wood, electricity and other basic things to set up and further manpower management and maintenance. The whole idea of running a traditional call center needs consumption of energy and an investment on the infrastructure.

The virtual call centers need zero infrastructure to run and execute the customer support. Once the call center software is installed in the computer, the call center manager can easily manage the agents who are located at various places. So the virtual call centers are location independent and the call center software provides an interface to the agents to carry on with the customer support, effectively. Production of electricity affects the climate badly. With virtual call centers, we reduce the need of electricity, substantially.

In addition to this when there is an official set up then the commuting of the employees causes burning of fossil fuel that further adds to pollution. With virtual call centers, there is reduction in pollution in this aspect as well.

Virtualization of Servers

Server virtualization is helping the current scenario to save the energy in a meaningful way. In this method, the server administrator divides the physical server into virtual platforms. Now after such division, the same server can be used by many users simultaneously. This helps to get a big difference in the total usage of the energy needed to run a virtual call center. Because every segmented part has one user who has total autonomy to work as an administrator. So in this way, one server that was initially being used by only one user can be used by multiple users now.

Extra server needs extra space and extra energy to run it. With server virtualization, one can save the extra energy needed for the same. Cloud is the basic technology behind virtual call centers and because of server virtualization, the call center scenario is becoming more efficient and environment-friendly.

Lesser IT Waste

IT waste is a big issue that stands as a threat to the climate and getting rid of it has always been a big concern. Virtual call centers brought a sigh of relief in this regard as they need very lesser number of equipment. Precisely, a device to install the call center software, a headset and a good internet connection is enough to cater the customer support. Virtual call centers add to saving the climate by reducing the IT waste in a substantial way.

Saving Energy with Multitenacy

When multiple users have to use the same software simultaneously, the multitenancy comes into the picture with greater benefits. For example, six different users who are located in different places would need six different servers to run the software individually. The consumption of energy is much higher. This can be reduced with multitenancy.

In multitenancy, only one software is run on only of the servers and the access is given to multiple users who need to use the same software. The administrator access of the software is given to the users individually. In this way, only one server is running and multiple users are able to use the software.

Virtual call centers provide multitenancy with self-administration features that help every individual user of the customer support platform. The possibility to keep the environment green increases many folds.

Use of Renewable Energy

Data centers need energies for two important reasons. One is to run the data centers and another one is to cool servers. Many data centers are now using the renewable energy. The natural resources like wind, water, and sunlight are mainly used to produce energy and this process reduces the carbon footprint in the climate.

Virtual call centers make the current scenario more promising towards greener possibilities because the cloud itself supports the environment to be green.

Take a step towards Green

It has become a need of contemporary times to take solid measures to keep the environment towards greener side. Virtual call centers are adding meaningfully to keep the environment green and healthy. One step taken towards change leads to a big leap one day it’s just you have to take that sincere step. Virtual call center is that one step ahead.

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