Virtual Call Center

Virtual Call Center

Meet the world-class call center software that has been defining new dimensions of business connectivity, since years.

Calling it a lifeline of call centers might still be an understatement for the kind of features it offers. Without asking for any devoted hardware and cable troubles, it can connect your agents with the customers. More importantly, it does not matter where the agents are located or which device they are using.

This software is based on cloud and hence, it gives complete freedom to work from anywhere, anytime, using tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

Want more? Well, it is almost a wish-granting genie. It’s loaded with all the features that you need in any virtual call center software. Scroll down to see why it is the first choice of every call center around the world.


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Virtual Call Center Features

Smart Call Distribution

Call routing to the agents is smartly operated on the basis of the agent skills.

Realtime Monitoring

Admin can listen to the ongoing calls to monitor the services of the agents.

User-Friendly Interface

The software is so user friendly that it guides the user itself for smooth functioning.

Interactive Voice Responses

IVRs have evolved to be one of the best self help tool nowadays. Our software helps you to make the most of it.

Remote Login

Our amazing call center software does not bind you with a certain device, you can login from anywhere.

Instant Reports and Analytics

Keep an eye on the performance of all the agents with instant reports and analytics for result oriented execution.

Predictive and Auto Dialing

Predictive Dialer and Auto Dialer are the best ways of saving the time of dialing and redialing with effective results.

Smooth Integration

Our Call Center Software is compatible with almost all the leading operating systems and devices making it totally versatile.


Feedback of the callers is the ultimate judge for the service that you deliver at your call center and our software makes sure to get the feedback easily.

Email and SMS Generator

Sometimes calling may not be the best way to reach out the customers. So, our call center software brings a solution for that as well.


A call center software is the backbone of virtual call center environment. It is essential to pick one wisely. With our call center software, we assure you of enhanced performance, productivity and results with a sense of ease.


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